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Montessori Educational Programs International (MEPI) implements a comprehensive International Montessori School Accreditation Program to serve ALL Montessori Schools located upon any continent of planet earth.  Accreditation of a school by Montessori Educational Programs International (MEPI) confirms publicly that it demonstrates and promotes authentic Montessori philosophy and educational practice for the benefit of children, families, and the global professional community.  Through the completion of an accreditation process, MEPI provides any Montessori school in the world the essential confirmation, affirmation and endorsement that this school has completed and obtained the MEPI International School Accreditation Standard, and is now a MEPI International Accredited School.

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MEPI also offers Individual and School memberships and School Accreditation program to help you grow and be successful in your Montessori education experience. Learn more below.




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Shirley Plath fund is a fund designated to help with Montessori educational expenses and to address humanitarian needs affecting the Montessori family. >>Learn More

Sponsorship donations help fund events at our Annual Conference for Montessori educators

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