The recent events taking place with the pipeline has so many layers to it.                                                       On one layer is the corporation’s desire to complete a job already started.

Another layer overlapping this is the commitment to protect the land for the burial and sacred areas already in place along with assuring clean water in these areas.

The good news is that there is now a temporary restraining order issued with the hope of coming to some sort of agreement while emotions and sentiments have an opportunity to sort themselves out.

The bad news is that the peaceful demonstrations, resistance with a backlash, have been anything but. People have been injured, lack of respect for others and the land, and an atmosphere of “us against them” is prevalent.

As one tribal leader stated, “resistance is based on love for our people and the land – not out of hate for others.”   Indeed, this is what we as Montessorians teach everyday. Mother Teresa was just sainted for her compassion for all. Martin Luther King taught us the power of peaceful demonstration.

As we approach International Day of Peace on September 21 we should all reflect on what it takes to solve problems in a respectful and peaceful manner.