“Ever- Widening Circles”- MEPI Conference Reflection

Each year at this time, I look forward to traveling across the country to a place where the culture, the atmosphere, the weather and the climate are all different from where I live. Each year I look forward to meeting new Montessorian’s, seeing the faces of other Montessorian’s- Montessorian’s from a different place, a different perspective. Embracing new friendships; ones that I will keep in contact via email and see once a year. New friendships and voices of others that will expand my raindrop, move my circle a little larger, widen my Montessori ring.

Each year at this time- I expand my circle- enough to stretch my growth, rejuvenate my soul and provide me new energy and new ideas, to come back home refreshed and with a new start- a new start for the spring.


These were the words of my reflection from my weekend at the MEPI conference. These are the words of strength, the words that were shared and practiced throughout the weekend from Montessorian’s and non-Montessorian’s. These are words that are a part of my growth mindset.

It is one day from March. I have woken up bright eyed, happy, rejuvenated, a new quest, a burst of thirst with energy- I will and can make it through the last weeks of school, the beginning of spring- revived. Ready to pay it forward, ready and motivated to expand the minds of the students, the staff, and the parents. Ready to inspire.

Everyday we make choices. The choice to be a teacher is big. The choice to be a Montessorian is an even larger choice. My choice to be apart of Montessori is the greatest choice of my life. Each year after I return home from South Carolina, I am so happy I made the choice to travel far to be invigorated from my Montessori family away from home.

Thank you all for being a part of ever-widening my circle!

Nicole Householder – Eden, UT