Yoga Meditation Experience

Published: 2021-06-21 12:35:04
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At the beginning of the semester I did not really know what I potentially could take away from this class, or, in particular, the meditation I was assigned to do at home. My mother does Yoga as well and she always keeps telling me how beneficial it is for both your body and your soul; personally, I am not really the type of individual that believes in the vital effects religious philosophies can have on one’s life.
However, I am always willing to experience something new and so I decided to engage myself in the practice of Yoga. I chose to do the Concentration Kriya; this mediation technique mostly focuses on empowering mind and body through the practice of controlled breathing. A controlled breath can be extremely beneficial to overcome various obstacles in one’s daily life; this is the reason why I chose the Concentration Kriya as my meditation technique since I usually have struggles developing a calm, constant, and controlled breath.
I sacrificed 5 minutes of my time in the morning to go through the cycle; my intent was to do it before the “real” day had begun since I hoped to go more relaxed and focused into classes and practice. Within the first two weeks, I did not really notice any change after I had meditated; I actually felt pretty awkward sitting on the floor of my room all by myself doing those awkward breathing techniques. However, this feeling went away after some time; I think you have to get used to it before you get more comfortable in its practice.
Further, during the third week, I could definitely feel some changes coming up; I did not only breathe more concentrated but I also felt more loosened up and relaxed. I started to manage the imbalances of my daily life better; in relation to that, I also started to notice a more vital and well-being daily experience. Eventually, I think it also affected my performance in soccer practices and games since my mind was more focused and, on a physical level, the increased oxygen supported the complying parts of the body.
Eventually, there were mornings when I was not really motivated; though, I reminded myself of the benefits I had experienced through meditation and found myself again. I think one has to come out his comfort zone to do it since one just has to invest 5 minutes of his or her day. However, I do not really know if I will continue meditating every morning; I am usually not a person that is that disciplined to follow a certain routine. Yet, I can still see myself meditating in the future to overcome difficult challenges or parts of my life.
Looking back on the five weeks I spent meditating I can fairly say that it is totally worth it to spend that little time and effort in terms of the possible ways it can affect one’s lifestyle. I still think that some religious philosophies and practices are sort of questionable, but Yoga and its meditation techniques can definitely have a positive effect on one’s life. Hence, I would not only recommend it to friends and individuals that are striving for a transformation in their body, mind and inmost consciousness, but also to individuals who want to experience something new as I did.

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