Worst Laderhip Experience

Published: 2021-08-12 12:15:05
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During my second year of working for SLC, I had the worst experience in my life. As per the plan, I had to go to Japan for training for two months. I had been waiting for that chance for exactly a year. I was very excited for that too. However, I had to find someone myself to substitute me during training time because our head officer was in oversea. But I did not want to lose that chance as that was one of the reasons that I came to this organization. It was not also impossible to hire new employee for this short term period. Fortunately, I had a friend who is very active, and eager to work as a volunteer at our organization.
So, I asked him for help then he agreed me. Finally, I left for training to Japan. I learned new things a lot in my training and made many friends from international youths. I did not have any communication with SLC during my training because I believe my friend’s skill that she could do the job well. Two months later, I returned to my country and went to SLC. As soon as I saw our head officer, he suddenly seemed very stranger and got angry so I noticed that something happened at SLC. Coincidently, I went to him and greeted and said that nice to see you again. He replied nothing.
What is wrong sir? I asked. Then, he told me everything that had happened during my trip. My friend was very addictive coffee. He cannot help drinking coffee 5 times in a day. One day, the workshop was held by Mr. Andrew from London at SLC. The students whoever attended that workshop were provided free lunch including soft drinks and coffee. After the workshop was done, everyone left but he stayed at the office until 5 pm, the office hour. He forgot that he left At the office, the things like coffee machine, small rice cookers and others are purposely provided to the employees.
At lunch time, she wanted to drink coffee so she got the water boiled by the flash. And then, she forgot about that. Within 45 minutes, the fire broke out through the electricity immediately and burns all of the importance files and records of the office. Our officer got really angry and emailed me to return back immediately. As a result of the incident, we lost the most important datas, files and documents including the office computers. But our training still left exactly one month. But no choice, I returned to my country as per the emergency case.
As a result, I was warned for future opportunity for us as I did not attend the training fully. But it was not the end, another incident happened again. The English teacher complained about the schedule and poor management and had a very big problem with Rose then, the teacher quit her job finally. As a result, we needed an emergency teacher again. If we could not get new teacher, some of the classes are to be stop for a while. The organization reputation went down too. The head officer said that things happened because of me. I had nothing more but say sorry. According to the policy, no one can substitute whether an emergency case or not.

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