World Wide Web and Revenue

Published: 2021-07-15 20:05:05
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Which region do most of the customers come from Do they contribute the biggest amount of revenue? The answer might tell managers where to focus marketing and sales resources, or pitch different messages to different regions -According to the data we can see the west is the biggest part of customers and amount by 41% with big different from south 23% , east 21% and north 15% so we should look to the lowest parts to see what is the gap of decreasing the percentage of customers and the amount of revenue otherwise , we have to keep going within our service in the west part because it’s the biggest part of customers and revenue
What form of payment is the most common? The answer could be used to emphasize in advertising the most preferred means of payment. According to the data we can emphasize that PayPal is the most preferred to the customers than Credit payment so that we should give an attention to the PayPal payment and make is more easier and safety for our customers. Which source of advertisement appears to be more effective? Is it equally more efficient? What does this mean? Compare between which is the best for making the business much work and more purchasing I can make sure that web is more effective than email for business progress.
Otherwise ,email can be a away for the business to commentate with the customers because according to some researches showed that not all the people whom are having email going to check up their inbox every day, compare to the web that is because customers feel looking for purchase from web is more faster to them and easier ,but for whom using email have to open their account and click the link to access the web more than that some websites are blocked by email so when you try to move by clicking in the link the web will reject your order . In addition ,in web customers can feel the freedom to move from page to another easier and faster may be some people they don’t give care for these things but some give it care.
Now days, the advertisement for any business can be with many social sites such as facebook ,twitter and linked almost everyone has one of these social sites so it can help to discover new webs and business markets ,For example I am a customer for Lazada since 2 years already but if you asked me how I got into lazada my answer will be by facebook I liked their post and page after that I can see all the promotion products everyday but if they sent to my email I will never know because I open my email every week times which is very small percentage for me to know the new things in many sites

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