Work with Parents National Standards

Published: 2021-09-13 11:10:10
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Children are the responsibility of, and make a positive contribution to, the wider society as well as their families 5. Work with parents should value and build on parents existing strengths, knowledge and experience 6. Parenting information, education, support and interventions should be available to, and practitioners should engage with, all those in a parenting role 7. Services should aim to offer a range of appropriate support according to both child and parent level of need, what is available in the family already and in communities 8.
Respect for diversity and different needs, promotion of equality and taking action to overcome threatening, offensive or discriminatory behaviour and attitudes are of fundamental importance to work with parents 9. Anyone who works with parents should have specific training, qualifications and expertise that are appropriate to the work they are undertaking. 10. Good practice requires reflection, regular and appropriate supervision and support as well as a continuing search for improvement 11.
Parenting practitioners utilise effective working partnerships with agencies and individuals in providing support to parents and families. Integrated working and the sharing of approaches across services is a key element of this role 12. Parenting information, education, support and interventions should utilise the best known evidence for good outcomes for children and parents 13. Parenting practitioners should be committed to engaging with children, young people and families fully through identifying goals, assessing options, mentoring or coaching, making decisions and reviewing outcomes.
They should support children’s and families’ involvement in the development, delivery and evaluation of children’s services 14. Work with parents should place the interests of children and young people at the heart of the work. Practitioners are committed to working with parents and families so that children and young people have the opportunity to achieve positive outcomes 15. Work with parents recognises the need for innovation and creativity to address both emerging and local needs and to build self-regulating and supportive community networks

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