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Published: 2021-06-29 19:55:05
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People have been enchanted by the idea that even the wildest animals can befriend the right person. In reality, keeping a wild animal as a pet often has disastrous results for the animals and the people, yet wild and exotic animals continue to be imported into the US and sold to incompetent owners. While the opposition will argue that exotic pet ownership can provide safe and fulfilling environments for the animals. pet ownership should be banned because home captivity is unhealthy for the animals, it proposes a threat to public safety, and it proposes a threat to public safety.
Stronger laws need to be in place to ban the private ownership of exotic animals. Appropriate care for exotic animals requires considerable expertise, specialized facilities, and lifelong dedication to the animals. Necessary care for exotic animals is rarely looked in to, including proper veterinary care, which can be very difficult since not many veterinarians are trained or have any experience with exotic animals. It is relatively easy to purchase exotic animals through auctions, the internet, as well as in states which have no bans or registries.
Many exotic animals are captured in inhumane ways (“Exotic Animals as ‘Pets’ PETA”). Some wild animals, especially babies, are taken straight from their wild lands and shipped to the U. S (“The Dirty Side of the Exotic Animal Pet Trade” ). This is not only traumatic and sometimes deadly for the animals, but also for their species as a whole and for the ecosystems from which they came from(“The Dirty Side of the Exotic Animal Pet Trade” ).
Although the opposition argues that keeping exotic animals captive will protect animals from becoming extinct, this is one of the reasons that some animals are in jeopardy of becoming extinct (“Exotic Animal Ethics”) . Baby tigers, for example, may be taken straight from their mothers by killing their mothers and taking the cubs. This clearly causes a decline in their population, trauma to the cub, and the beginning of a cycle of unhealthy practices for the animal(“The Dirty Side of the Exotic Animal Pet Trade” ).
Many animals die before even reaching their destination (“Exotic Animals as ‘Pets’ PETA”). As exotic animals grow and mature, their novelty wears off, along with the owner’s interest. The animals lose their “cuteness” as their tempers form and they become more aggressive, causing injuries and needing larger areas to live (Get the Facts”). Many of these animals are forced to live in deplorable conditions with barely enough area for them to walk (“Exotic Animals as Pets ASPCA”) .
Wild animals tend to walk up to several miles daily and many of these animals are kept in enclosures that barely fit the size of their bodies (“Exotic Animals as Pets ASAP”). They are not given attention, fed proper diets, proper veterinary care and have lack of enrichment activities (“Get the Facts”). These animals tend to show significant signs of dysfunctional minds by rapid, constant pacing, chewing on bars of their enclosures, as well as constant sleeping (“Exotic Animals as Pets ASPCA”). All these factors cause great frustration for their owners as the animals become neglected and viewed as a burden.
The animals, as a result, then become victims of malnourishment and abuse(“Exotic Animals as ‘Pets’ PETA”). The Wildcat Sanctuary, an organization that rescues big cats has countless numbers of cat that were mistreated by their owners (“Keep the Wild in Your Heart Not Your Home”). Liberty, a cougar that was rescued was reported to be “emaciated dehydrated.. fractures to both her back legs.. suffured from a severe curvature of the sprine and pelvis… the top of her ears were dangling by a small amount of flesh and were about the fall off ..
and she had urine burns on both sides of her legs”. It is hard to believe than an owner would let an animal suffer like this, but sadly it is very common. Getting medical care for these animals is very difficult as well. Most of the animals seem to hide there symptoms of illness and even when the illness is suspected, it is very difficult to find a vet who is equipped to help the animal (“Exotic Animals as Pets ASPCA”). Animals are not only the ones put in danger when being help captive, humans are as well.

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