Why We Need Friends

Published: 2021-08-12 13:05:05
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Have you ever experienced times when you want a listening ear, but you cannot find one? When all your friends were busy exactly in the moment you need them? Well … I have been through this myself till I met someone who helped me understand why this happens to me, and now she is my best friend. First of all she helped me to realize that I have been so selfish in how I was approaching my friendships. I was taking my friends for granted – expecting them to be there all the time, assuming they would be there when I need them.
Telling her my past, I realized that instead of checking how others are and whether they are doing fine in their lives, there I was, feeling sad for myself because I did not have anyone I could speak to about my issues. Secondly, I have learned that to be a good, and a REAl friend to someone, you have to accept them at their best and worst. Everyone has their moments, and if your going to judge someone or drop someone because they have a moment when they are at their worst, then you do not deserve them at their best either.
For example, my best friend is there for me and I am there for her even if we are not in our best mood and the others avoid us. Finally,I have found that friendship gives us courage. Usually, when I did not have any true friend, I did not come out when there was a trouble. Now, when my best friend is in trouble, I am the first who I try to help her. She also saved me from many bad situations and helped me to get out of trouble, which now gives me courage to do things I was not able before.
To conclude, I can say that friendship is a blessing for everyone. We just have to be more careful with others because “if someone doesn’t love us the way we want them to, it doesn’t mean they don’t love us with everything they have”. do nothing but have fun and spend their parents hard-earned money I am writing with reference to entitled “It’s a student’s life” by English in action writer, James Fraday.
Having a discussion of the article with some of my friends, I have been chosen to express our disagreement with some of the views contained in the article. First of all, we feel it is unrealistic of you to claim that students live off other people’s money. This may be true for some students, but that because of education that parents gave them and who continue to send them money as they would not be able to fend for themselves. However, most students learn hard to receive various cholarships and even they find a job just not to ask money from parents. Secondly, it certainly is not true that students are lazy, unproductive individuals who do nothing but sit around all day listening to CDs . Actually, they have a very busy schedule. Besides the multitude of information that they need to assimilate the projects in which they have to get involved and other things they have to deal with, many students work in different areas in their spare time.
Finally, we are sure that students will not have a shock when they finally enter the real world. On the contrary, this period prepares young people for everything that will follow. Young people learn to fend for themselves, to face various problems and cope with difficulties in life. Moreover, at the end of college, they will be able to find a lucrative job that will give them the opportunity to form their own family. To conclude, we found your article to be a little offensive to many students who work hard to study at university.

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