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Published: 2021-06-29 20:25:04
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?Your city council is considering a proposal that would ban the use of cell phones in privately owned businesses such as restaurants, movie theaters, and retail stores. Violators would be subject to a fine. What is your position on this issue? Write a letter in which you convince the city council to support your position, giving strong evidence for your reasons. ”’ Away With The Cellphone Ban. To City Council: There has been a lot of controversy on your proposal of the ban of cell phones in privately owned businesses, which violators will be subjected a fine.
I personally do not agree with this proposal for many reasons. I think that this violates our use of communication, and safety. Our use of Cellphones are now connected to everyday life task now, and they do not have the right to take that away from us. Cellphones are a way of knowing emergencies, and without them we could not be informed of emergencies. This proposal is not right, and should be stopped. Cellphones are our connection to other people, without actually being there with them. It keeps us all connected, and informed with what is going on.
If we can not use them in restaurants, then how are we supposed to get in touch with our parents when they go out to eat. It would actually be a dangerous matter if that would happen. This proposal does not fit in with todays society, and could create a lot of problems with communication. In the old days we did not have this form of communication, so why would the council want to take away something that we have advanced from. Cellphones are now necessities, and should be able to be used in these businesses.
There is no reason to take our use of cell phones if it is not effecting anything. We are not at school while we are in a store, theater, or restaurant. During school you need to have your full attention, and I can understand why cell phones are banned there. At these businesses it is not going to effect us if we are having use of our cellphone. If anything it could possibly hurt us, and create lack of communication. People could possibly stop attending these places that agree to this ban of cell phones, and could lose business over people not agreeing with the ban.
No one wants to risk not knowing about an important emergency, and these private businesses should understand that this is wrong. Movie theaters are the most reasonable for this ban, but they should not take away the complete use of cellphones here either. During movies sometimes the brightness can distract people, so it should be a rule to turn your brightness down. Also, you should keep your phone on silent. I think that you should leave your phone on, and check it while you are in the movie to make sure no one has informed you of something important.
If you do get an important call step out of the movie theater. Then take the call outside, so you are not disturbing other people. There has been many cases of people who did not have there cellphone, and did not know about an emergency. So i think during movies you should be respectful of other people, and just keep the cellphone use to a minimum in the theater. Cellphones are so important in our society today, and the city council should not ban these in privately owned businesses. Cellphone are very important to people, because you carry it with you every where you go.
It helps people to communicate with their family and friends, and use it for work purposes. It would be a danger to our community not having use of these while in private businesses. Also, the business would not want to lose customers over this reason. So the business would likely not agree with this proposal either. In conclusion, it would be a dangerous idea to ban cellphones. This proposal should be stopped as soon as possible, before problems come. Please vote no for this ubserd proposal.

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