Why Ironman Is a Better Superhero Than Batman

Published: 2021-08-07 17:40:07
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Throughout his acting career, he has won more than enough awards to last him a lifetime. He has won awards like the “Best Performance by an Actor” at the Golden Globes, to the “Man of the Year” at the Hasty Pudding Theatricals. As for Batman, due to the many interpretations of the story throughout these years, it’s difficult for me to keep up with even what the actors’ name is. Not to mention, whomever the 50 actors were who played Batman probably aren’t even half as good looking as Robert Downey Jr.
Iron Man and Batman are both superheroes with no actual powers. Bruce Wayne, the first, hidden half of Batman, and Tony Stark, the brilliant man behind that Iron suit are both extremely wealthy men. They have chosen to make good use of their wealth and take advantage of all their money to help save the world. In other words, because they weren’t born with superpowers like most comical heroes, they had enough money to literally invent their own powers. However, disregarding their slight similarities, Iron Man is, and foremost, a much greater superhero than Batman.
Let’s start with their laboratories—where all the magic happens. Iron Man has not only an amazing lab, but also his house itself is breathtaking. Who wouldn’t adore a multi-million, if not, multi-billion dollar house overlooking Malibu, literally hanging over a cliff? And, from my understanding, Tony Stark actually built his house himself. Back to the point, his lab is spacious, it’s modern, high in technology—I mean, for crying out loud, he built a computer-based assistant who’s just as smart as he is. Nowadays, technology is such a massive part of everyone’s lives.
Today, that is what’s going to get you somewhere in life. Batman, on the other hand, after all these years, is still in a cave. Someone needs to remind Batman that he isn’t actually a bat. He is a billionaire; why not use his billion dollars to build himself a decent lab? His house is secluded enough; it’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere. This isn’t the 60s, Mr. Wayne. We have new technology in the 21st century. Make us of it. Secondly, their superhero suits. Let’s not forget that the purpose of having a suit is not only to make a bold statement, but to protect themselves.
Iron Man’s suit is made of Iron; hence, his name. It’s built with all these high technology devices and weapons integrated into it, it talks to him whenever he’s in battle and needs assistance, and his suits are literally made just for him. They’re programmed to fit only Tony Stark, unless addressed otherwise by him. Batman’s suit is elastic. He’s better off painting a ballerinas’ leotard and tights black and wearing that. His initial defense against a gunshot would be a cartwheel or a simple whole-body swing, but Iron Man doesn’t even need to move.
His suit protects him, which is how it’s supposed to be. Batman has to carry his weapons around in the little holes on his black-turned ballerina costume, and his only assistance remains at home—Alfred. Evidently, Batman just isn’t as practical as Iron Man is. Thirdly, Iron Man has better fighting tactics than Batman. Yes, he commits several killings, but he only kills the bad guys—the people who are harming us and do the world worse than they do well. He kills them and everyone walks away, that’s it. Batman is too scared to kill anyone.
In a nutshell, what Batman does to his enemies and the bad guys is hurt them, make them feel a little pain here and there, and then send them home to their wives and kids, all beat up. And do they return? Yes. All of the people Batman has fought end up coming back and fighting him again. There is always that aftershock. This brings me to my last point: Iron Man never brought hell on earth. Sure, he blew up a field of terrorists, but he paid for it—literally. All the weapons he blew up with those terrorist were all his.
The worst collateral damage was the Stark Industries, which was fine with him, he could just build everything all over again. Batman casted thousands and thousands of innocent people to a death-filled hell on earth. While he was in a nasty prison doing yoga and 100 push-ups with that, his people were dying. I understand that he had to gain his strength back, but if he were as smart as Iron Man, he could just swing his arms and his suits would fly over to him, and he could’ve gotten himself out of their in a matter of minutes. Instead, he waited months and months.
Batman just isn’t very smart about this whole superhero thing. The bottom line is, because Batman just isn’t as practical with his money or his life, and his head hasn’t quite snapped into the 21st century yet, Iron Man, objectively, is a better superhero. He is smart, he is funny, he is good-looking, and overall, he just knows what to do. If you’re going to live a double life as a superhero, you have to be concrete. Let’s face it; Batman isn’t concrete. He is literally stretchy. Even Hannah Montana leads a better double-life than Batman does, or at least she’s smart about her other identity.

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