Why College Athletes Should Get Paid

Published: 2021-09-11 17:30:10
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They are the ones who make the main event possible. Without the athletes, there would be no game. They are the entertainment that the crowd is paying for and they receive none of the profit. The number one reason why college athletes should be paid is because they deserve it. College student athletes are working hard anywhere between 30 to 40 hours a week to be successful and excellent. On average every college athletic season ranks in between ten and 150 million dollars in revenue and zero dollars are rewarded to the athletes.
Recently there was about an 11 billion dollar deal made between the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the television station, CBS. The deal revolved around a popular event in men’s college basketball, March Madness. The deal was that from 2011 to 2024, CBS would be the station to air the three weekend long event, and again, zero dollars go to the athletes making the event possible. March Madness doesn’t exist without the athletes and they receive none of the billions of dollars the event makes. Andrew Luck was a starting quarterback for Stanford University and a Heisman Trophy candidate.
Fans came to the Stanford football games just to see him play. People purchased the jersey emblazoned with his name and number from the Stanford gift shop and he made absolutely no profit from this. Everything went to Nike and the University itself. Andrew Luck is just one example among the many college student athletes who are the stars of their team bringing business to their university and receiving no profit. College student athlete should be paid because what they do is almost like slave work. They go to class for three o five hours, attend their practice, game or workout, and then study and do school work for maybe two to six hours. It is almost as if the university is the “pimp” and the student athlete is their “whore” doing all the work. They get no profit for all of the revenue they are bringing in because of their hard work. Jalen Rose, a member of the “Fab Five” at the University of Michigan, wrote, “Universities, coaches, apparel companies, and everyone in between financially benefits from the success of these student-athletes except for the players themselves.
This is a small investment for universities that see millions of dollars in revenue each semester and treat these student athletes as indentured servants. ” This is a harsh way to put it but it is the truth. College student athletes should be paid because they have no time for a job. The university makes the sport their job because it is so time consuming, and you need to be fully dedicated to the sport to perform well. Since not all athletes can rely on their families for college spending money, they should be able to rely on their talent.
Since their talent is their sport and it is what they are working at every single day, they should be rewarded for it. In 2010, five Ohio State players, including star quarter back Terelle Pryor, were suspended for five games after receiving discounted tattoos at a tattoo shop and cash for selling personal awards, Buckeye memorabilia, and championship rings. I know this doesn’t sound so good for the players, but if they were given just a sliver of the universities profits from their football games, they wouldn’t have been so tempted to do this.
Terelle Pryor is famous name in Ohio and in most of the USA. Everybody knows who he is. He is an amazing player and he was an extremely important part of the Ohio State football team. It makes no sense that in order for him to make a buck, he had to resort to selling signed Buckeye memorabilia and his own championship ring. It really is sad. He was a famous football player that couldn’t afford a tattoo, but every week he was a main reason fans were paying good money for a ticket to an Ohio State football game.
Fans pay money to see and an entertaining and exciting performance and that is what Terelle Pryor did on the field. He should have been paid for what he was doing. If he was, he would’ve have never had to resort to something so negative. Many people believe that college student athletes should not be paid because they are receiving free education through their scholarships. People think with college costing anywhere from $9,000 to $30,000 a year, why should these athletes get paid as well as have free schooling.
What people don’t think about is the money being brought into the school because of the athletic events. Penn State’s football program brings in nearly forty million dollars a year, and Penn State isn’t even the school producing the greatest income. The real questions are: “Where is that money going? Why isn’t it going to the athletes working their butt off and making that event possible? ” In the end, they are bringing in more money to the school than they are receiving through their scholarship. Therefore, they should be paid.

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