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Published: 2021-06-24 20:00:04
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The novel When Dogs Cry by Markus Zusak is a boy meets girl story but it is more than that. It relates to brotherly love and a boy finding himself as well as boy meets girl relationships. Zusak constantly reminds us of the themes and relationships occurring in the novel. The relationships shared with the characters are emotional and exciting while they take us through their journeys. Cameron is a young adolescent that has trouble fitting in with his age group, he doesn’t have any friends, just his brother Ruben.
Cameron wonders why life was wasted on him, he constantly searches for answers to find and understand himself and this is when he starts to write notes about a dog, that represents himself, and what the dog goes through each day of his life and how he sees himself. He refers to the dog as a half scowling smiling underdog. Cameron has very low self-esteem since he gets picked on a lot, he doesn’t have the courage and bravery to stick up for his self But this all changes when Octavia comes into his life.
Octavia is Cameron’s first girlfriend, Octavia helps Cameron to understand himself and makes him look deeper inside to see his true colours, and to bring them out. She teaches him that everyone is different and individuality is what makes you unique. Cameron benefits greatly on what she teaches him and this is what makes him feel a better person. The relationships in this novel are very different from each other.
Although these are Boy meets girl relationships Cameron’s and Octavia’s is unique They use each other to help them through their own lives and to overcome their past and present. Octavia is Camerons first girlfriend he finds her when his brother Rube just broke up with her, Cameron keeps there relationship quiet for a while, he didn’t know how his brother would react. Cameron and Octavia grow close while they are together, Octavia tells Cameron some of her secrets and how her mum told her she could never bring a boy into the house unless she knew he wasn’t going to run away from her.
Eventually she takes Cameron and introduces him to her mum. Rube uses girls. He usually has a girlfriend for about two weeks until he has another lined up, this gets him into trouble after a while, he doesn’t care about their feelings at all he is more interested in feeling good about himself. Cameron’s best friend is his brother Rube, they get along really well, and they are always there for each other and spend most of their time together.
Rube tells Cameron everything about his love life, Cameron looks up to Rube a lot but that changes at the end of the novel. Cameron gets really upset when he finds out that his eldest brother Steve told his girlfriend that he is a loser and has no friends. Steve goes after Cameron and tells him he was really sorry and that he was so wrong about him Cameron forgives him and their relationship grows stronger. Later Steve introduces Cameron to his girlfriend.
The true meaning of brotherly love and always been there no matter what shows when Rube Gets into a fight over his new girlfriend Julia, it was three against one pitch black at night, Cameron waited with him for a while but decided they were not going to show so he left, Cameron thought he would be ok since he has never lost a fight. Later that night he woke up to find rube not home so he gets up and goes and finds him when he finds him he is so beaten up that he cant walk so Cameron carries him all the way home even though he felt like he was going to collapse he knew he had to keep going for Rubes sake.
This novel When Dogs Cry explores the different issues in a young adolescents life which are very relevant to the age group Markus Zusak is trying to attract. The Boy meets girl relationships are in this novel but they go so much deeper they show us that you are never alone even when you think you are and that any one can pick you up off your feet by making you believe in yourself and show you who you are and how to show your colours.

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