What is Achieved Status?

Published: 2021-07-06 06:35:05
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Status is a Sociology term very often used to refer one’s position within the society as a child, youth or parent. A person may have a multiple status in the society. A man could be a son, father, husband, brother etc. As Linton says, “A status is closely related beliefs about expectation of those having status”. A simple way of identifying one’s status in the society is to see his position that he holds after a certain merit or biological. The society has two types of status; Achieved and Ascribed. We would understand both the status below: What is Achieved status?
Achieved status is a social position one can attain on the basis of merit in the society. This status is gained over a person effort. It is something that has been earned or chosen by the person himself. Achieved status reflects personal skills, personality and behaviour. When a person earns a status or a position by his own achievements, efforts, knowledge and skills, it is called achieved status. The concept was framed by anthropologist Ralph Linton. Examples of Achieved status can be understood better if you think about personalities of sportsman, actor, professor or a criminal. How is it different from Ascribed status?
Ascribed status basically is the social status one is assigned at the time of birth. It is not the position one attains by his choice. In simple terms, it is the opposite of achieved status. Now, how is it different from Achieved status? This status is not earned by the person. It is neither gained by merit. Another very important fact is to understand that both Ascribed and Achieved status cannot be always right and left. A person may have a mix status too. Take the example of Hillary Clinton, who has achieved of Secretary of the state. It can be said that she would have not achieved this status, had she not come from a wealthy family.
Another simple example of Ascribed status is, when a child is born in a rich family, he attains a rich socio-economic status. Further this child may attain an achieved status by his education, behaviour and skills. Social mobility Social Mobility is the movement of a person in the society. Movement could be within the family. Let’s understand this better by knowing the type of social mobility in the society. •Horizontal Mobility: a person who moves into a change in position in his profession and does not really attains a change in the society, it is called horizontal mobility.
•Vertical Mobility: When there is a movement and there is a change in class, it is called vertical mobility. •Upward and Downward Mobility: Vertical mobility can further be upward and downward. Cultural capital Cultural capital is basically non-commercial social asset which promotes social mobility of a person beyond economic means. For Example: Dressing style of person, Style of speech or physical appearance. It is a French Sociological concept that gained immense widespread in the recent times.

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