What attribute of your personality are you most proud of

Published: 2021-06-23 20:40:04
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A “Personality”, to me, is the outcome of the behavioral features controlling a person’s mental and physical abilities. Thus, the attributes of a personality are its abilities and its behaviors and attitudes. Objectively, the inquiry as I understand it asks to: “State the most commanding attribute of your personality and explain how it has shown in your life. ” To that, providing a credible answer is tricky; because in a whole, if it doesn’t confirm the stated attribute, it contradicts with it.
Therefore, this stated attribute might be most convincing if it is presented as the answer itself. For example, if I claim I have a good sense of humour; my essay must be funny. If it isn’t, it will only show that it is me who is not funny. Now as you’re reading this, you must be expecting an elaboration after an assumed introduction, but that is not the case, this “Introduction” was my answer.
I am an intelligent planner; I made an “Understanding” of your question, I provoked an “Abstract thought”, I “Reasoned” my answer, I “Learned” about the issue I am discussing, I “Planned” the essay, and within the answer, I provided a “Solution for its problem”. The abilities illustrated by these quoted steps are some of the main few that define intelligence. I only hope I clearly explained my thinking, which would show that I “Communicate” reasonably. I believe that these words prove how intelligence has impacted my life; I write, talk and act intelligently.

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