What Are the Advantages Or Disadvantages of Being Born First?

Published: 2021-08-23 19:50:06
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The first-born is an only child until the second child comes along -transforming them from being the centre of attention, to then sharing the care of parents. Parents will also expect them to be responsible and ‘set an example’. The change from being the focus of a family may be quite a shock and so shape the first-born’s subsequent outlook on life. Therefore first-borns may try to get back their parents’ attention and approval, by achieving success and recognition in their careers.
It has been noted that first-borns are significantly more often found as world political leaders than any other birth order position. Being the youngest in the family can sometimes be a stifling and frustrating experience, especially if they’re looking to be taken seriously and treated like an adult. The last-born is more likely than the other birth order positions to take up dangerous sports. This may be a sign of the last-born’s rebellious streak – a result of being fed up with always being bossed about by everyone in the family. Middle children, however, have different issues. Middle c syndrome’ can mean fee sandwiched between two other ‘more important’ people – an older sibling who gets all the rights and is treated like an adult and a younger sibling who gets all the privileges and is treated like a spoilt children. Middle-borns have to learn to on with older and younger children and this may contribute to them becoming good negotiators – of all the birth order positions they most skilful at dealing with authority figures and those holding inferior positions. What about only children they are more likely to show interest in academic pursuits rather than physical or outdoor activities.
Only children will tend to get more time and attention from their parents than children with /siblings, this will often make them feel special but the downside is that they may suffer occasional pangs’^ jealousy and loneliness when friends discuss their brothers and sisters and family life. I think to be a only child is not rather good, because these people are always selfish persons. 3. Mobile madness, do you think mobile phones are generally a good or a bad thing? How important do you think mobile phones are for young people in your country? How do you think mobile phones will change over the next 5 years?
Mobile madness is an illness of our century, I think. In my opinion mobile phones as a mean of connection is a very good thing. But this medal has another side… Many children feel themselves really isolated from their friends without mobile phone. They constantly connecting and chatting with each other by internet on the phone with help of such programs as ICQ. In our country mobile phone occupy the important place at the lives of modern people, and at the life of modern children too. Many sociologists say that if this trend continues two things are likely to happen. One is mobile phone addiction, where a person is incapable of forming and maintaining relationships without the help of mobiles. The second: Genuine conversation will be driven out by superficial communication, in which the act of contacting one another is all that matters, leading to a deterioration in the quality of relationships, indeed, the very fabric of society may be threatened. And of course mobile phones will change over the next five years, I can suppose that it will be something unusual, and may be something that absolutely won’t be look like our modern mobile phones.

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