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Published: 2021-08-23 21:35:08
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In today’s society the internet provides a sufficient amount of information about different ways to help with weight loss. Weight can be a harmful factor in an individual’s life, it is not only about the body mass but weight often plays a role mentally and physically if it is abused. For example, being overweight can lead to obesity and low self-esteem. Losing weight can be a challenge, so many people look for the most effective way to lose weight through surgical procedures and weight lost programs. There are a variety of weight loss programs that offer extended support and dietary meal plans.
Many weight loss programs provide the option of support, either through weekly meetings, online support, or phone coaching. Having a dedicated support system will help you to stay focused and celebrate success while also staying positive during temporary failures. In essence, members of your support network are your cheerleaders. Whether for weight loss or some other physical or emotional reason, experts say that social support is important in obtaining and maintaining weight loss (American heart, 2011). They are designed to help bring discipline and help develop structure for routine and weight control.
They offer convenience for their weight watchers because some weight programs have door deliveries for weekly meals to help keep meal plans in order and keep weight lost progressing. For example, Nutrisystem is a program that provides three different plans; women plans, men plans, and diabetic plans. Each plan targets different areas such as core, silver and vegetarian. Like any other weight loss programs the first step to success is to record your initial weight, age, height, and target goal. The program specialist analyzes the results and generates a particular plan for each individual.
Other programs have trainers that set exercise routines daily and work hard to keep you motivated. The costs are inexpensive, they can range from $189. 00 and up or some programs are less, it can vary based upon services that are offered. The end results of these weight loss programs are a healthier body and lifestyle. Though there are many ways to lose weight, some people choose to do surgical procedures and others chose to use weight loss programs. A surgical procedure is very serious and requires a great deal of recovery. It has been suggested that an individual speaks with their doctor before making any decisions.
The risk factors for high-risk patients and low risk patients are the same. When undergoing weight loss surgery, some patients have complications, such as osteoporosis, metabolic bone disease, abdominal hernias, infections or stretch stomach outlets. The risk factors of joining a weight loss program are not as great as the risk factors for having surgery performed. When a weight loss program is the primary source for weight loss the risk factors are minimized because for someone who undergoes surgery experiences “down time”.
However, in joining a program you will be able to exercise more effectively without worrying about recuperation. The exercise and healthy promotes energy and allows you to enjoy working off the extra weight. It decreases the chance of cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. A surgical procedure is also more expensive ranging up to $17,000 or more! A lot less money spent will get the same results except at a different time expansion. Surgical Procedures are a convenience for most people that are struggling with weight loss because it is instant weight loss.
The challenges of weight lost can be so overwhelming that surgical procedures may seem to be the only answer. Bariatric surgery is one common procedure that is used to produce weight loss. This surgery alters the digestive system to help people with severe weight-related health problems lose weight. Bariatric refers to the causes, prevention and treatment of obesity (mayo Clinic). The surgery is performed on the intestines and stomach diminishing food intake. There are three types of bariatric surgery such as, lap band, gastric bypass, and gastric sleeve.
These three surgical procedures are the most used. Each type is different and the technique used depends on a number of factors (ebariatricsurgery). “Bariatric surgery is safer than it has ever been, but there may be more we can do to make it even safer and improve the odds of survival for high-risk patients,” Dr. Ninh T. Nguyen. A study of almost 52,000 bariatric surgery patients found that those who were discharged from the hospital sooner than the national average stay of two days had higher rates of complications and deaths (R. Shari, for the booster shot blog, Los Angeles Times, 2011).
The side effects of surgical procedures include but are not limited to, increased gas, vomiting, bloating, excessive sweating, and dizziness. In addition, it has also been suggested to avoid getting pregnant because a pregnancy enhances the chance of rapid weight gain. Although the risk factors may seem extreme, there are also benefits to surgical procedures. For example, the rapid weight loss that helps promotes high self-esteem, and decreased chances of developing severe diseases. Accomplishing a targeted weight goal is not the end to weight loss struggles.
The challenges of losing weight are as much of a challenge as it is to keep weight off. There will need to be a consistency in weight control and eating habits. In my research I have discovered the pros and cons of a weight loss program and having a surgical procedure. Although the easiest way to lose weight fast would be through a surgical procedure, I believe that a weight loss program is more beneficial to anyone trying to lose weight. The risk factors are at a minimum and there is a variety of natural solutions for weight loss.

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