We all fall down

Published: 2021-06-15 16:30:03
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1)Distinctive ideas are essential the foundation of a unique novel. The text, We All Fall Down by Robert Cormier focuses on one tragic and violent event – the vandalism of the Jerome house and assault of Karen Jerome and explores the way in which many people are affected by it. There are two major distinctive ideas portrayed in the novel. Firstly, the novel demonstrates how a single story can be told from many perspectives. This of view and characterisation built through a range of language features secondly, the novel presents the idea that not all stories end happily.
2)The novel ‘We all fall down’ by Robert Cormier is narrated by 3 major characters, Jane, Buddy and the avenger. He uses third person omniscient point of which gives the readers an insight of the thoughts and feelings of the characters. For example, Jane Jerome says “now they treated each other as if they were made of glass.” This shows that the Jerome family are trying desperately to behave as if nothing is wrong. Another phase from the novel states “Buddy had enjoyed himself like striking back at the whole god dam world.” this gives the reader a more detailed understanding of a signal event or how violence affects many people, not only the victims. It provides an insight into the offender’s motives. It also provides us with the inner working of the mind of a voyeuristic sociopath who views the events.
3)Cormier uses a range of distinctive ideas, but the main idea he tries to express is that not all stories have a happy ending. In traditional teenage fiction responders would expect the committers of the vandalism to be prosecuted, while the victims would triumph over evil. Cormier subverts this tradition by having all characters extremely negatively impact by the trashing event. He states this idea through the technique, extended metaphor which is clearly exposed by the title of the novel “We all fall down,” the title is also supported by quotes from the novel, one of the main quote is when Buddy was watching little girls play Ring a Rosie and even explains what it meant.
“It’s what kids sang back in the olden days when the black plague was killing millions of people, they would get a rosy kind of rash and rub themselves with herbs and posies then they fell and died.” Therefore by the end of the novel there will be no winners. The guilty party of the violent crime do not get caught but they have to live with their guilt and paranoia. The victims have to live in fear as a result of the psychological impact of the violent crime. The effect on the audience is…

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