Water Conservation

Published: 2021-10-10 20:10:10
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With only 1% of water available for human consumption, doesn’t it make sense that we should treat our water supply with more respect? Water conservation should not be considered an option any longer. Current circumstances require our full attention if we hope to thrive as a civilization. If these statements sound dramatic, it is because much of the world is currently suffering due to a lack of clean water. Importance of Conservation of Water / Stats Statistics around the reveal that our fresh water supply is practically nonexistent.
That is why it is so important to seek out, find and start using all the innovative water conservation solutions and methods that are available today. Whether you live in Australia or China or the US, it is time to wake up and take responsibility. It is easy to practice water conservation in the home, but there is more to be done. Our world needs help on a commercial level as well so that our waste can be controlled in such areas as agriculture and irrigation. Water Conservation ideas are cropping up in exciting legislation.
That’s why our participation in the voting process is so important. Let’s act now, so our kids will have a brighter, greener future. Demands are increasing every year for water while resources are becoming more and more limited. Since many individuals are unaware (or, sadly, Just don’t care) that this issue needs attention, it is up to more informed and proactive individuals and companies to take up the slack. A increase is expected in water demand over the period of next two decades.
The increase in water demand is a contribution of various factors including growing population, increased agricultural needs, industrial use of water and water needed for electricity production. The problem of water waste is severe in countries where people are using the same inefficient methods for irrigation of agricultural land. Water needs are increasing every year and the proven fact is that clean water is not available to 1 out of 5 people on earth. Solutions are clearly needed. The increased demand in water combined with the pollution of water has had many adverse effects on the environment, growth and economy of many countries.
Importance of Conservation of Water / Consequences of Not Conserving Increased expenditures on pipeline development, sewage and other infrastructure Ђ Investment to build more dams to fulfill the water demands and increased electric supply Huge amounts of money going out every year for recycling, cleaning and purification of the water Large amounts of industrial pollutants dumped in the rivers which are responsible for destroying and upsetting the ecosystem of the whole planet Rising instances of erosion of land because of increased demand of agricultural land and irrigation Importance of Conservation of Water The problem of water is local as well as global. The resources of water on earth are limited and are reducing every year.
Due to the effects of global warming the frequency of rain has become unpredictable. In some parts of world there is rain throughout the year, while in other parts individuals are suffering the consequences. Widespread dry spells are occurring over much of Europe and Asia, Canada, western and southern Africa, and eastern Australia. And in parts of the world where rainwater is available, major problems are still prevalent because of a lack of proper systems to clean the water. Pollutants like oil, cigarette butts and other impurities make the percentage of usable water practically nonexistent. Methods of water conservation must be implemented in these areas if our planet is to continue to sustain itself.
The United Nations has predicted that by the next two decades there will be 17% more demand of water compared to resources available. The unpleasant fact is that the most people remain careless and do not recognize the importance of water conservation. Huge campaigns are conducted every year by many government organizations and NGOs to spread awareness of the importance of water conservation. As citizens of this planet it is our individual responsibility to take an active role in water conservation. The simple tasks we perform every day like gardening, tending to laundry, washing our cars, etc. are opportunities for us to make a difference. Change begins with us, and if we lead by example, others are more likely to follow.
I sincerely believe the consciousness of the planet is changing. And even though some statistics may appear grim, other stats reveal a growing awareness. There has actually been a appliances. And this is due to companies meeting the demands of the public. Adopting an attitude of caring, and placing a premium on awareness is contagious. Try it, and you will see what I mean. Water Conservation Methods As the population of the world grows exponentially, our drinkable water supply remains at about 1 percent of the total water present on Earth. These statistics may not seem real to you if you are fortunate to live in an area that has the resources to supply your needs.
But the truth is millions of living souls are suffering because of a lack of this vital resource. Water consumption, whether it be in the household, through industry and manufacturing or in agriculture, must be given the consideration it deserves. And although special programs are conducted every year to increase the awareness of onservation, we as citizens of this planet, need to participate in water conserving activities if we hope to sustain our way of life. Water Conservation Methods / For the Household Huge amounts of water are lost every year due to unattended faucet leaks, using outdated appliances, excessive clothes washing, showering, washing cars, gardening, and other everyday household activities.

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