Walter Cunningham Sr. to Kill a Mockingbird

Published: 2021-08-11 01:15:07
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Hey, my name’s Walter Cunningham Sr. I am not respected in the eyes of Maycomb. It’s mainly cause I’m poor. Poor people like me are usually not respected by others. Mr. Finch respects me and my entire family because we understand the difference between right and wrong. It first started when I was going with the mob to lynch Tom Robinson. Little Jean Louise came up to and tell me what I was doing was wrong. I realized what she was talking about so I decided not to go lynch Tom.
I also realized that Tom wasn’t guilty but who would listen to someone low in the eyes of the townspeople. The next day was the trial. Mr. Finch had fought a brilliant case. His part was done now it was upon the jury members and Judge Taylor to decide is Tom was guilty. The only reason it took the jury so long to decide whether Tom was guilty or not was because of my double first cousin. My cousin was the only one who was supporting Mr. Robinson. My cousin had seen the difference between right and wrong. They knew it was wrong for Mr.
Robinson to be declared guilty. They also knew they had to do something on their own. They tried and tried and tried but couldn’t succeed mainly because black peoples aren’t favored over whites even if the white man or woman is wrong and secondly because we aren’t respected enough for people to believe us. I do believe that marriage and other things shouldn’t be accepted between blacks and whites but I also believe that the truth shouldn’t be decided by what color the person is. It should be decided on evidence. Mr.
Finch knows that he din’t succeed in saving Tom Robinson and his family but we all know that he tried his hardest. Maycomb can become righteous with people like Mr. Finch leading the way. I have a strong feeling that Mr. Finch will eventually make Maycomb a righteous and just place. I know this process has begun because us Cunninghams’ and Ms. Alexandra have put our faith on you. Mr. Finch, the Cunninghams’ will always support you because we know and believe you will always show us the difference between the right and the wrong.

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