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Published: 2021-08-25 10:45:06
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Also, it shows that the lady plays a motherly role, holding a basket, such as fetching water for cooking, washing the clothes for her children and her beloved husband. This photograph may tell us that women are determined, caring and independent and they will go an extra mile of protecting their children and their husband if they experience any chaotic situations in their family. The Native American Indian Photograph was taken to show that they were living in America; this was the territory of the Native American Indians and was annexed by the English.
The picture of the Native American Lady could reveal that the Lady played an important role in the fight with the English protecting their land. The picture portrays boldness and power looking at the posture of the Lady. It tells us that the Lady loves what she does and also shows how determined and hard working she is, being a mother in the family. The artwork reminds me of a US History class I took in my old university, Oklahoma Christian University.
The professor lectured his students including me about how Native Indian women were catering for the family but they were other specific women who went to wars and battle with others against enemies to protect their land which I believe that this woman in the artwork played that role. This artwork makes people question the artwork itself, why this Lady carrying a basket on her head. The elements of the basket and the wearing of the cloth show that the photographer is an outsider and this shows how the artist was charmed by the lady’s beauty and wants to portray the powerful role of women and how the Native Americans lived in the past.
In conclusion the artwork reveals the artistic beauty of the past although there was a lot of manual work when relating to our real world, which is more about education. The black and white atmosphere shows that the camera they used since the photo was taken in 1907. The artwork is balanced and this shows how beautiful women are. Also this could tell us that the lady stands out more than other ladies meaning she could be a royal in her land but at the same time she is beautiful and respected in her land and plays a good role in leading her people.

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