Village or Town?

Published: 2021-09-11 17:25:09
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Olesia Tararai Instructor Izmentinov Writing for Academic Purposes Section 2 1 March 2010 Some people enjoy living in a big city, while others like living in a small village. Discuss both choices and defend your preference. A Small Village or A Big City? Our society is observing a village decline and a fast development of large cities. Some people have the idea that the best place for living is in a big city. However, many others disagree with this point of view, considering a village to be a perfect place to live.
Obviously, both have good reasons to claim which place, a village or a city, is the most suitable for a person. People who support the idea of a perfect life in a city give many expedient reasons. Firstly, a big city gives a great variety of opportunities. For example, an educational level in cities is highly developed. There are a wide range of prestigious schools to choose and there are more colleges, universities and academies. What is more, large cities offer a lot of extra curricula activities like sports clubs, art and dance schools and more.
Secondly, big cities provide a person with a good medical treatment. Rapidly growing, a number of medical institutions is sufficient for the needs of city inhabitants. Finally, in a big city a person is provided with all facilities she or he needs for a well-being. Other people believe that villages are the best place to live. Firstly, they point out the safe and clean environment of the countryside. Absence of heavy traffic means absence of polluted atmosphere.
With clean environment farmers can grow ecologically clean vegetables. Secondly, villagers appreciate a friendly atmosphere in a small town. Because of a small population, everyone knows everyone in villages. This fact unites people. They have a feeling of living in a closely knit community. Finally, countrymen see a village as the best place to live. Deciding between two places to live, I would choose a big city. Firstly, being born in a city, I spent my whole childhood among multistory uildings. Having become older, I cannot imagine myself without a variety of stores, supermarkets, shops and institutions of entertaining industry. Secondly, I can find a lot of opportunities to realize myself in a big city, for example prospects for career advancement.

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