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Published: 2021-09-01 00:05:11
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The train station we arrived at was filled with the smell of exhaust and garbage. The loud vacuum noise annoyed me as the trains raced by blowing my hair in every direction. My heart was pounding because getting on the train was a struggle due to the large amount of people rushing to not miss it. My host family dozed off because they are used to the gorgeous scenery that surrounds them every day. Looking out my window, God lavished my eyes with colorful fields so perfectly grown and groomed that it seemed surreal. Not a single patch of land visible between Germany and France was without use for wine, hay, animals, or just pure beauty.
Staring off into the distance, the luminous city of Paris snagged my curious, wandering eyes from the enticing view of the luscious fall-colored fields. Taking the subway was the most efficient way of traveling in Paris. Every subway route had people sitting or standing, packed in tightly like sardines. Thousands of people roam the streets with the city being so large; looking at a single map of it looks as if it could be its own country. The mall we visited reminded me of a museum. Each level had one main product that it focused on. The whole top floor displayed and sold shoes; that floor should have been labeled shoe-heaven.
The entire bottom floor was flooded with cosmetic stands. Walking through the lines of colorful beauty products, contagious perfume odors drenched my clothes and skin. Escaping from the crazy energetic mall, I felt like I could breathe. At the same time, the air felt thick and had potent smells of European food, vehicle exhaust, cluttered garbage, and the stench of urine. Towering over the mall, the famous Eiffel tower caught my attention to its eye-catching magnificence. It reminded me of a large giraffe, gazing into the sunset over the vast land.
Mematra was one of those vast places, filled with phenomenal artists who sketched portraits of people. My host parents insisted that one of these talented people draw me. The image looked so realistic that it was as if there was a mirror in front of me. Every line and detail was perfectly curved and shaped. Astonishment, awe and joy filled my heart immediately; I had never felt so honored. Around the corner was one of the best spots in Paris that overlooked the entire city. Looking back on every moment spent in Paris, the joy that was captured by the warm-hearted beauty of this city will always be remembered.

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