Unemployment in SAUDI ARABIA

Published: 2021-07-03 06:25:04
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How is it possible that the largest producer and exporter of oil in the world suffers from an urgent problem called “Unemployment”? Many people were shocked when they heard that such a wealthy country is unable to provide jobs for its citizens. According to the International Labor Organization, unemployment among youth stood at 30. 2% in Saudi Arabia. The consequences of the unemployment problem in Saudi Arabia, the causes, and some recommended solutions will be discussed in this essay.
The impact of the unemployment problem is more dangerous than what people think. Statisticians emphasize that crimes and violence increase as the number of unemployed increase. In addition, many young people might lose the loyalty to their country. The causes and related issues to any problem must be known and clarified in order to solve a problem. The first cause of unemployment in Saudi Arabia is poor education. In fact, there is a huge lack of schools and industrial colleges which leads to weak education outcomes.
In addition, many majors and subjects that are taught in universities such as history, geography and Arabic literature don’t help the nature of the jobs offered. The second cause is the labor system. Many companies prefer to employ foreign workers instead of offering jobs to Saudi young people so that they can reduce their expenses. The last problem is related to Saudi culture. Some people think that working in some kinds of jobs such as carpentry and plumbing is unsuitable for them. Once we understand the causes, most of the solutions are easy to find but need time to be applied in the real life.
One possible solution to The Unemployment problem would be to increase the number of the industrial colleges and engineering universities. In addition, a decision from the government that forces the companies to employ Saudi young people is needed. Another solution is to change people’s thinking about certain kinds of jobs by educating them through the media or offering free educational sessions. Although this problem seems complex and difficult to solve, I believe that every individual should have the opportunity to have a job and the government should try hard to solve it!

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