Understanding Consumer Behavior

Published: 2021-07-11 22:00:04
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The study of consumer behavior explores the consumer buying process of need recognition, search and evaluation, purchase, use and product disposal. Understanding consumer behavior is crucial to determine the ideal market for particular products and what marketing strategies to employ to achieve organizational objectives. The intent of this paper is to identify the buyers of Dannon Activia Yogurt and the personal factors that impact their purchasing decision. Dannon Activia is a delicious and nutritious yogurt packed with vitamins and minerals.
It is positioned on the market as a probiotic product that helps with occasional irregularity and cleansing one’s digestive system. It is available in assorted flavors such as peach, pear and so forth. The marketers of Activia know that a great way to influence consumer behavior is to give buyers a satisfactory motive by convincing them they need the product for legitimate health reasons. For example, their slogan “Take the challenge” almost dares the consumer to try the product and feel the difference in their digestive system. Consumers want to know that they are doing something rewarding like practicing good health.
The customers likely to purchase this product are health conscious individuals. It targets both young and old persons with digestive health issues wanting to regulate their intestinal motility. People with active lives and those who simply enjoy the satisfying taste of the Activia will buy the product. It is not designed as a weight loss tool but individuals looking to lose weight will likely purchase Activia as a low calorie snack. Some personal factors that influence someone purchasing Dannon Activia Yogurt are their health motivation, health status and their conscientiousness regarding nutrition.
Consumers’ susceptibility and product perception must also be considered. Other factors include the consumers’ age, personality, attitude, self-efficacy, self-concept, taste preferences and lifestyle. This product analysis demonstrates how personal, psychological and social determinants is used for demographic, psychographic and behavioral segmentation. It reiterates the importance of understanding consumer behavior in determining target markets and effective marketing policies.

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