Tuskegee airmen

Published: 2021-06-30 09:30:05
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The Tuskegee airmen were the first all-African American fighter pilot squadron. At that time the Army had already allowed black soldiers into their ranks. This would be another step forward to try to end segregation in the United States armed services. In closing this essay will show what the Tuskegee airmen did in World War II and how they help end segregation in the armed services. The birth of the Tuskegee airmen was started by the war department due to pressure to create the first all-African American fighter squadron. The 99th pursuit squadron would be the answers to the war department and was started in 1941.
On March 1941 the squad was activated in Chanute Illinois. 429 enlisters would be stationed at Tuskegee even though there would only be two squads trained. Five months after the program started the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt while inspecting the base received a flight from Alfred “chief” Anderson she did this to try and show the world not to be prejudice. When she touched down she said “well you can fly all right. ” After that she would donate 175,000 dollars to the program. On March 1941 the squad was activated in Chanute Illinois. This is that this was the beginning of all of their successes in their endeavors.
The Tuskegee airmen unit was finally ready for activated and shipped out on April 2, 1943. It was bound for North Africa it would join up with the 33rd fighter group and be under the command of Colonel William W. Momyer. Their first combat mission was to attack the volcano island of Pantelleria in the Mediterranean. This would clear the sea lanes for the attack on Sicily. The 99th flew its first combat mission on June 2, 1943 this would be 3 days after the battle had begun. With help from their air raid the garrison of 11,121 Italians and 789 Germans were captured.
Because of this battle the squad would be given the distinguished unit citation. The 332nd joined the war in February 1944 and the 99th pursuit was added to unit under the command of Colonel Davis. Through the remainder of the war they would be escorting bomber runs to Poland, Germany, Austria, and many more. They would fly more than 311 runs and until 2007 it was believed that they never lost a bomber. This would be proven false and acclaimed that they lost 25. The historic significance of all of this is that it would show that African Americans can do well in the armed services if just given a chance to.
They would help end segregation on air bases and in the armed forces in general. During a dinner run in an air force base in an on-site restaurant at the Tuskegee institute 15 African American pilots show up and decree that they be served and showed the new doctrine to the owner to be served. They would be served and because of their actions many other on site restaurants started to unravel and end segregation. In 1948 president Truman would end segregation in the armed services because of the valiant effort of the African American troops in World War II.
In historic significance it would lead to the ending of segregation in general. In the post war the Tuskegee airmen did not stop trying to end segregation making huge leaps for African Americans. A fighter pilot of the squad would become the first African American to be named four star general in the air force. Then another 18 men of the unit would be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Major William a Campbell would become the first African American to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross a second time.
It would end when they would be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. The historic significance of these events is showing that African Americans are helping and we are just keeping them down. In conclusion the Tuskegee air men help end segregation on air bases and in the armed forces. They accomplished this through their amazing bombing guard record, their help in the attacks on Sicily, and their achievements after the war. The overall historic significance is that this would help lead to the end of segregation all together in America

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