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Published: 2021-09-11 03:00:09
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The beauty of traveling in Europe is the unlimited choices these countries give with architectural magnificence coupled with friendly inhabitants and the easygoing lifestyle. One such place that lies in Netherlands is Amsterdam, a one time small fishing village is now packed with loads of memorable treasures for a tourist. Having travelled twice to this gorgeous place I have picked my favourite attractions and sightseeing activities that will help you make your travel experience to this place the best possible.
Amsterdam homes some of the worlds best museums famous for their historical and antique collections. Some of the major museums of Amsterdam are Rijksmuseum (know for its 17th century Dutch collected works), Steldelejk museum, Kroller-Muller and Van Gogh museum (known for its collection of paintings by Van Gogh and other eminent artists from 19th century). With more than 50 museums each boosting amazing collections, even if you are not that keen on visiting museums it would be a sad thing to miss the experience of a museum tour when holidaying in Amsterdam.
Yet another thing that will cast spell over you is the canals in Amsterdam. A cruise through its glorious and incredible canals is the best way to cherish Amsterdam tour, as you get to see marvelous 17th century houses and mansions, as well as startling architecture. Part of what makes Amsterdam such a beautiful, romantic and picturesque city is the canal system that runs throughout the Amsterdam city center and out into the surrounding districts.
Regardless what part of the city that an Amsterdam tourist visitor would like to visit, there is a canal that they can stroll alongside of or take a canal boat to arrive at their destination. Surrounded with small houses, Oude Kerk is a very old and beautiful church, adored by many visitors both locals and foreigners. The church has a building designed in Gothic-renaissance style and has an octagonal bell tower. Located at the centre of red light district, the church has become quite popular among visitors on Amsterdam tour.
With more than 6000 plants, Hortus Botanicus is quite an old and unique botanical garden. It dates back to the year 1632 and has some plants almost 2000 years old. Situated within the walking distance of other major tourist attractions like Amsterdam zoo and resistance as well as historical museum, the garden is remarkable place to enjoy your holiday in Amsterdam. With more than 300 stalls, Albert Cuyp market is one of the most busiest and popular tourist attractions. This remarkable outdoor market has a variety of products and is situated in Pijp district.
Surrounded by many shops and cafes, the market gets visited by huge amount of visitors, both local people and foreigners, everyday. Another area of the city that is a draw for tourists during their trip to Amsterdam are the bright and lively flower markets which engage and mesmerize visitors with a myriad of colors, shapes, textures and heavenly aromas. The flower shops are not fixed structures but are actually floating platforms or boats on the canals. Top things to do in Amsterdam Walking Tour: Explore Amsterdam’s Western Canal Belt
There’s no doubt that cruising the canals by boat is a must-do when visiting Amsterdam, but the best way to get up close and personal with the historic architecture and charming beauty of Amsterdam’s famous “watery roads” is to navigate them on foot. Do it like the Dutch There’s no doubt that cruising the canals by boat is a must-do when visiting Amsterdam, but the best way to get up close and personal with the historic architecture and charming beauty of Amsterdam’s famous “watery roads” is to navigate them on foot.
Club it For pre-partying, head to Lux (Marnixstraat 403) Bitterzoet (Spuistraat 2), or Seymour Likely (Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 250) for live DJs. Join the dance crowd at Mazzo (Rozengracht 114), Club More (Rozengracht 133), and Paradiso (Weteringschans 6-8). For a laid-back vibe, check out Cafe Alto (Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 115) for local jazz acts. Coffee! Visit the coffee shops- where you can taste the finest herbs, including thai, northern lights, and white widow.
Sample the brownies (or as the Dutch call it “space cakes”), and drink the freshest herbal juice. Coffee shops can’t be found elsewhere, and finding one in Amsterdam would not be an issue! Getting There: Amsterdam is easily accessible by a number of different forms of transportation depending on which country you are traveling from. In addition to numerous travel options such as air, bus, boat, train or car, travel to Amsterdam is relatively cheap and frequent.

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