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Published: 2021-07-26 13:35:07
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The ‘voice’ of the Tomorrow Series novels and the main character that is featured throughout the series. * Ellie is a natural leader and tries to work out being the leader without being ‘bossy,’. * She is very stubborn and headstrong which gets her into trouble with her friends and also endangers her life at one point. * Her loyalty to her friends, love of her family and intelligence are some of her strongest character traits. * Ellie is chosen by the group to record the events as they happened in an effort to have their history set down on paper.
She pledges that it will be honest and says that some of the others aren’t happy with the result. * The ‘voice’ of the Tomorrow Series novels and the main character that is featured throughout the series. Homer * He is known as a clown and in school, Homer had developed a reputation for teasing others and for making fun of himself. * Homer is not exactly the kind of person who would have been expected to be a leader but he takes that role very easily and the others, recognising that ability for the first time, allow him to lead in many situations. Homer believes that the main thing for the group to do is to remain together and to keep their numbers as strong as possible. * Homer pairs off with Fiona after the teens return from Hell. Fiona * Fiona is small and delicate but strong and determined. * Fiona’s family is wealthy and little in her life has prepared her for the danger they face after the invasion, but Fiona faces it as well as any of the group. * Fiona is attracted to Homer, but it takes some time for her to admit and act on her feelings.
Steve * Ellie’s ex-boyfriend. He doesn’t appear during the story except in Ellie’s memories. * She admits to having been very involved with Steve at one point but doesn’t seem to be heartbroken over their breakup. LEE * His parents own a restaurant and the group frequents that establishment. * Ellie notes that Lee doesn’t usually spend a great deal of time with her friends but that he is an interesting person and she decides to invite him on the camping trip in order to get to know him better. Lee and Ellie become a pair. * Lee says that he is again able to feel pride in himself and Ellie realizes that Lee had been ashamed of the fact that he got shot and was unable to do his part in the group’s efforts while he recovered. Corrie * Corrie is Ellie’s best friend. * Ellie and Corrie have plans to travel together after high school graduation. * Corrie is willing to do whatever is necessary and she is out with Kevin, searching for ferrets, on the night she’s shot in the back. Corrie is taken by Kevin to the hospital and her fate is unknown. Kevin * Kevin is a stable person and Ellie says she expects that he’ll grow old as a farmer in the area, taking over the tasks of farming and community being done by his father. * Kevin is a little older than the rest of the group and he’s paired off with Corrie. Chris * Originally meant to be one of the group that camps out, Chris is not allowed to go because his parents are going to be out of the country and he’s needed at home. Chris hides out after the invasion and meets up with Ellie and the others when they come to his house looking for a car. * Chris is considered odd by many of the students, though most agree that he’s also a genius. * He’s musical and writes poetry and Ellie notes that he might have been disappointed that he wasn’t chosen to record the history. Robyn * Robyn has trouble talking her parents into letting her go, but Ellie convinces Mr. Mathers that it’s a safe trip and a good idea. * Robyn has a very competitive nature and is the most religious of the group.

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