Toad and rat dissection practical report

Published: 2021-07-12 15:20:04
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A rat and a cane toad were dissected to compare their similarities and differences in anatomy structure. 2. Newspaper was laid out under the dissecting trays. 3. The external features of each animal was investigated and notes were collected. 4. The internal features of each animal were investigated and notes were collected. 5. Dissecting materials were placed into a container of Dettol. 6. The rat and toad were wrapped up into the newspaper and discarded in the bin. 7. Tables and aprons were sprayed and wiped down. Results – Include your table of observed notes (primary data), any diagrams or photos. Discussion:
•Discuss the similarities and differences of the anatomy of the rat and the toad. This should include a discussion about size/colour/shape of external and internal features (this section is written using primary and secondary data making reference to your results section). •Investigate and discuss comparative embryology making links to how these two animals have evolved from a common ancestor. •Investigate and discuss comparative anatomy with reference to the pentdactyl limb discussed in class this term. •Investigate and discuss how each animal has evolved through adaptations to be best suited to their natural habitat or environment.
Conclusion: a concise summary paragraph about what has been learnt and explained in your discussion. Bibliography: Class notes and dissections (please refer to the diary for the correct formatting of these references) Secondary data sightings Appendix: if you wish to include internal images from the internet of your animals these would be included as an appendix rather than placed in your result or discussion sections of the report. They would be referred to as Appendix 1, Appendix 2 and be mentioned in your discussion text.

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