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Mr. Jake Zablocki, Miss Harjinder Sandhu , Mr Roysten Fernandes and Miss Maria Klepikova will together comprise the board of directors and will be involved in day to day activity . Board Of directors * ( we can exclude this )* Mr. Jake Zablocki as the Chairman Miss Harjinder Sandhu as the Chief Operating officer Mr Roysten Fernandes as the President Miss Maria Klepikova as the Vice-president The key advisors are: Miss Harjinder Sandhu – Legal Consultant Miss Sandhu is an in house legal advisor and voluntarily offers her services as part of the management team. Mr Jake Zablocki ± Account Manager
Mr Zablocki will assume all the accounting responsibilities and will manage the business joint account separately Royal Bank of Canada. Infrastructure Who are key outside advisors, such as accountants, lawyers, or co nsultants, and what is their compensation package? Enter text here. NA Contracts and Franchise Agreements What are the company¶s management contracts, non -compete agreements, franchise, or other contractual agreements? Enter text here. We( Name to be decided ) have entered into an Franchise Agreement with Tim Horton¶s for a period of 10 years with an option to renew for further 10 years at the discretion of the management team
Business Plan Non Compete agreement exists between the four entrepreneurs for a period of 5 years of restricting to enter into food & beverages in Ontario for the smooth function of the business. Insurance If you have a buy-sell agreement, who will be insured in terms of life insurance policies on key personnel for which the company is the beneficiary? Enter text here. We have a buy and sell agreement in place , a type of insurance where all the four partners are assure for life.
The Insurance policy will be placed under a trust. All the four member will be the trustee. Buy and Sell: means the legal representa tives of the deceased are obliged to sell the share to the remaining partners who are in turn obliged to buy it. The remaining partners are able to buy the share from the proceeds of a life insurance policy taken out by the deceased on their own life and placed in trust for the remaining partners. Employee Stock Option Plan and Other Incentives What employee stock option or other incentive plans will be in effect? Enter text here. We do not have any employee stock option plan or incentive plan other than the one run by Tim Horton¶s time to time. Organization Charts How is the company organized?
Enter text here. The management team contributes equally to the success of the business. 8 ? Business an Mr Jake Za ck Miss ar inder Sandhu Bussiness Mr ysten Fernandes Miss Maria Kle ik va 9 Business Plan PRODUCT/SERVICE Purpose of the Product/Service What is the purpose of the product/service? How does the product/service benefit the customer? Does it solve a problem or address an opportunity; is it a luxury item or a needed item? Enter text here. Unique Features What are the unique features of the product/service, such as cost, design, quality, capabilities? Enter text here. Stage of Development
What is the history of product/service life cycle, and which stage of development is the product/service currently in? Enter text here. Future Research and Development What, if any, future research and development efforts will be required? Enter text here. Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Licenses, Royalties What patents, trademarks, service marks, or copyrights have been obtained? W hat license or royalty agreements are associated with the product/service, and what plans are there for future agreements? Enter text here. Government Approvals What governmental approvals are necessary, and what is the status of such approvals?
Enter text here. Product/Service Limitations What are the limitations of the product/service, if any? Enter text here. Product/Service Liability What are the liabilities this product/service may pose? What are the insurance requirements and costs? Enter text here. Related Products/Services and Spin-Offs What are the related services that will be provided, and how will they increase or enhance the profitability of the venture? What new product or service spin -offs could be developed to meet changing market needs in this industry or others? Enter text here. 10 Business Plan Production
How much will be produced internally, and how much of the production will be subcontracted out? What are the costs and services involved with subcontracting? Who are the backup subcontractors; what are their costs, and who supplies the services? Enter text here. Facilities What are the plans for facilities (manufacturing, office, retail)? What are the manufacturing plans, that is, the manufacturing facility, production capacity, and future capita l-equipment needs? Enter text here. Suppliers Who are the major raw material suppliers, and what are the significant purchasing contracts with them? Are there backup suppliers?
Enter text here. Environmental Factors What is the potential environmental impact of the product or service? What steps will the company take to protect the environment? What environmental agencies regulate the product or service? Enter text here. 11 Business Plan MARKETING PLAN Industry Profile Current Size What is the current size of your industry? Enter text here. Growth Potential Is this a growth, stable, or declining industry? Enter text here. Geographic Locations Is your industry located in a specific area of the country? Enter text here. Industry Trends What are the trends in the industry?
What effect does technology have on the business? Enter text here. Seasonality Factors What are the special seasons in your industry? Enter text here. Profit Characteristics What are the profit characteristics for your industry? Enter text here. Distribution Channels What distribution channels currently exist to support the sale of your product or service? Enter text here. Basis of Competition What is the basis of competition for your industry? Enter text here. Competition Profile What is the profile of the competition? What is your competitive advantage? Enter text here. Customer Profile What is the profile of the intended customer?
What are the reactions to the product/service from prospective customers? Enter text here. Target Market Profile What is the target market, size, and cost of market penetration? 12 Business Plan Enter text here. Pricing Profile What is the pricing structure? What are your policies on negotiating a price for large orders or on special price deals for penetrating the market? How is the pricing structure sensitive to the customer¶s buying points? Enter text here. Gross Margin on Products/Services What is the gross margin potential? What are the industry¶s pricing policies? Do you differ? Enter text here. Break-Even Analysis
What is the break-even point for your product/service? Enter text here. Market Penetration Distribution Channels What distribution channels will be used for selling the product or service to the end user? Enter text here. Sales Representatives How will sales representatives be used as an approach for selling the product or service to the end user? Enter text here. Direct-Sales Force How will a direct-sales force be used for selling the product or service to the end user? Enter text here. Direct Mail/Telemarketing How will direct mail or telemarketing be used as an approach for selling the product/service to the end user?
Enter text here. Advertising and Promotion What advertising and promotion media will be used for the distribution system and end users? Enter text here. Packaging and Labeling What kind of packaging and labeling will be used? Enter text here. Service and Warranties What warranties and guarantees will be offered? Enter text here. 13 Business Plan Trade Shows What trade shows do you plan to use to exhibit your product/service? Enter text here. Future Markets What opportunities could occur in future markets? Enter text here. 14 Business Plan OPERATING AND CONTROL SYSTEMS Administrative Policies, Procedures and Controls
Receiving Orders What administrative policies, procedures, and controls will be used for receiving orders? Enter text here. Billing the Customers What administrative policies, procedures, and controls will be used for billing the customers? Enter text here. Paying the Suppliers What administrative policies, procedures, and controls will be used for paying the suppliers? Enter text here. Collecting the Accounts Receivable What administrative policies, procedures, and controls will be used for collecting the accounts receivable? Will you have a separate collection department? Use a collection agency? Use factoring?

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