Throwaway society

Published: 2021-06-16 22:15:04
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Introduction It is an old proverb saying “don’t throw away the old bucket until you know whether the new one holds water”. It means that we should use the resources that we have to its fullest, before getting new resources and throwing away the old ones. What we don’t understand right now is that we are throwing so much that it’s likely to have fewer resources in the future. There are many reasons, to why we throw away the old resources; one of them is improving the standard of living by changing the household product and changing the furniture. Another reason is the increasing demand for food product, which plays a very important role in polluting our environment. Although many attempt are made to reduce the waste product by introducing the recycling concept and decomposing process, its not enough because we produce more waste products then we can recycle.
The title throwaway society has both good and bad implication. For instance it suggests that a country with good economy does not have to worry about the repairing and reusing of old goods. It’s simply better to buy a new one or to replace it with a better good. In developing countries it could be viewed as luxury because in developing countries normally people would first try to fix the goods and reuse it.
However the negative impact of throwaway society is much more and mainly effects our environment by producing waste products. The more we throw away the more resources are harvested and more energy is used. Which would affect us in long term. The environmentalist suggests to “reduce, recycle and reuse”. They would prefer to reuse a product to recycling because it is more environments friendly than recycling. Since recycling has to go through process before it could be put in use again. According to the environmentalist bot reusing and recycling helps in reduce the extraction of natural resources and saving energy.

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