The Worst Job Ever

Published: 2021-10-01 11:20:05
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The Worst Job Ever I wake up early to a loud alarm clock telling me it’s time to start another day. I groan, roll over, and try to get another ten minutes rest in. I proceed to make my coffee, and then wishfully glance at the calendar to see if its any closer to Friday. All this stalling and frustration is due to the fact I despise my job.
I work in Podiatry, and it’s not what you would expect. A doctors office job with benefits and weekends off? Not here. You would think getting a degree would make this a happy work place, but this job is full of everyday hassles and cutting dirty toenails.I come to work, and it’s not a good start. The doctor is already complaining that the messages haven’t been checked after lunch yesterday. See, the problem is he refuses to hire another person to be our receptionist. That’s right, we have to not only see patients, but check them out, and make their next appointment.
When I come in, in the morning I check the messages, call the patients for the next day, pull the charts for the patients we are seeing that day, and print the sheets that go on the top of their charts. Then I begin to see my patients.My first patient is a diabetic with really bad ulcers on his legs and calluses on his feet. It takes time to debride his nails. I can’t help to think what is wrong with people who have foot fetishes. I would like to see them work in this office for a day. After lunch it doesn’t get any better.
Once again the doctor is not here on time, and I have to make up excuses to angry patients that he had to make a run to the hospital. I call him to let him know what’s going on, and he’s at his house searching online for vacation getaways for the summer.I proceed to see the patients I can, skipping others who are impatiently waiting for the doctor. Finally, a half an hour later the doctor has arrived, seeing patients faster than he should and coming to me with questions. Sometimes I feel like I play the role of the doctor, and I always have the right answers so he keeps me around. When all the patients are done for the day. We do our charts and get ready to go home.
I give the doctor the stack of patients he needs to call by the end of the day. He goes through them and calls one or two.Then he goes on talking about his new car and all the details about his top of the line engine. He gives me last minute work to be done, and I end up taking my charts home to finish. I schedule two surgery’s before I wrap up my day, and just before I’m about to leave he tells us that this Saturday is cleaning day, and were expected to show up for a few hours. What kind of doctors office does that? He doesn’t believe in cleaning in the middle of the week while we’re seeing patients, so we come in on our day off while he’s at home lounging by his pool.This is by far, the most unprofessional doctors office I have ever worked in.
Do all doctors act this way? I’ve never heard of a doctors office who doesn’t give their employees benefits, makes them work weekends, and is careless when it comes to calling back patients. These peoples lives are in their hands and they could care less. All I know is I am being forced to look for another job because I hear I am going to be laid off. I know I will be appreciated when I’m gone and there’s no one to do there dirty work, and in all honesty I am kind of relieved because this has been the worst job ever!

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