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Published: 2021-07-26 21:55:07
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The world of work The best thing in my job it’s that I work at home and have got a flexible working hours job. So I can arrange my time by myself. Often I spend time with my son on the morning and then do my houses work. Oh! Yeah I don’t have to wear uniform (thanks God) because it’s so hard to me and always I have a problem with my scarf. Also because of my Disc Herniation I can’t sit on chair for long time. Then it’s good to me that I don’t have to do it. I am dyeing for listening to music when I work. But you know it’s forbidden in most company. Now I do my job and enjoy of music. I have a very kindly boss. He’s my husband.
But I don’t have any college. And I like it because I don’t have a good memory of old college in my before job. The worst thing in my job it’s that most time I have to work after midnight. I am an accountant and my job need full of my attention, in day I can’t concentrate on it because of my son. He’s very little and I must care of him. Sometimes I must to finish very important thing in my job but suddenly arrive guest and as I said; I have to work at night again. Thanks God I don’t have to wake up early. My salary is not bad. On the whole there are more good things than bad thing in my job and I’m satisfied with my job. Lida accountant

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