The Weavers Are to Blame for Their Own Plight

Published: 2021-06-28 13:55:05
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Children were subjected to far harsher conditions with little to gain. Food was scarce and hardly edible. the punishments for incompetance and tardiness had become far more severe. 2) The investigator probably asked because women have long been thought of as the weaker sex. andand punishing a girl or women the same as you a man whilst leaving marks would be considered brutal, barbaric and overtly cruel. 4) William Hart explains that 10 hour work days would lower his profits, which was something he was absolutely unwilling to do. As long as he makes a good profit he did not care that his employees were suffering.
The Weavers Song 1)The song blames the weavers for their own plight because now they had to pay for their sins of gluttony. The weavers had spent their weaving days with riches abundant and sufficient work, but now that they were replaced by machines they had to bust their backs to scrape out a living like the rest of the common people. 2) The “commercial plan” and “political economy” is refering to the Industrial revolution.
The weaver is the one who no one owns because he once had the pride of an artisan, and he will not stoop his spirit to that of a laborer. 3) the song insinuates that the Weaver had once lived a life of opulance and greed, but must now he must work out to barely scrape out a living. 4) The unemployed weaver actually lives a better life than Elizabeth Bently. He gets six pence a day where as elizabeth only gets a penny. He gets a decent loaf of bread and she recieves a lumpy hard biscuit covered in dust. The weaver had once known a wealthy life full with times of plenty and elizabeth has only know hard labor and poverty.

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