The use of english song to improve student vocabulary

Published: 2021-07-07 07:40:05
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English has become an international language that use in daily communication almost country in the world. because of that almost all of country in the world study about english, when we began to study english there are four skill such as listening, reading,writing and speaking. speaking is one of skill that must be master if we want speak english very well. But in fact that a lot of students in the school rarely to speak English caused by several factors,such as lack of vocabbulary. Vocabulary is the most important thing in learning English.
According to David Corson Using English Words. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1995 “An active vocabulary covers all those words people need to use and have no reservations about using to communicate with others on an everyday basis. The range of people’s active vocabulary is a unique reflection of their sociocultural position and the range of discursive practices engaged in. In other words, it depends on the range of relations people contract as a part of everyday existence, over a lifetime.
Except for people who frequently make contact with the specialist meaning systems of professions or of other special knowledge categories, most people’s active words are high frequency words in the language and need little stimulus to activate them in the mental lexicon. They are ready for use in incoming and outgoing messages, with no noticeable effort. ” Based on that description, I believe that the vocabulary is the first thing that we need before we start speaking. So, the vocabulary should be improved by using English Song.
2 Research Question 1. Can the English Song improve student’s vocabulary? 2. How can the English song improve students’ vocabulary? 3 Research hypothesis My hypothesis is, I belief that English song can improve students vocabbulary. 4 Research objective To find out the impact of English song for increasing student vocabulary. 5. Research Methodology Reseacrh method is a way employed by the researcherin collecting and analyzing the data. The research method oy this study is an experimental research. According to James P.
Key. (1997 Module R13) Experimental research is an attempt by the researcher to maintain control over all factors that may effect the result of an experiment. In doing this, the researcher attempt to determine or predict what may occur. Well I am going to do this research in Mtsn model Banda aceh in a several steps: A. Procedure The writer will carry out the research comprising some steps as follows: 1. Asking for permission to the headmaster of MTSN model. 2. Chose the sample and devided into two group 3.
Giving the pree test to the students at eight grade of MTSN model. 4. doing threatment for 3 weeks. 5. Analyze the data 6. 6. Making Conclusion. B. Population and Sample As population, the writer will take the students at the eight grade of MTSN model Banda Aceh. To determine the sample, the researcher will use cluster sampling technique. because there are more than one class in the school. There will only be one class which will be given treatment. “cluster sampling technique is Restrict one’s selection to a particular subgroups. from within the population. ” (Nunan and Bailey, 2009:128) C. Data Collection Technique It is impossible to collect the data from respondent without instrument. There will be several instruments used by writer to get the data from the object, i. e, giving the test. firts the researcher will give pree test for student, after that will do a tyhreatment and the last will giving post test. After get the data then the writer will analyze the data and will compare with the controll group and the last make the conclusion. .

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