The Unnecessary Stress from Formal Exams in University

Published: 2021-07-28 23:05:06
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As well as the person working in the best firm, students that study in university have to suffer different kinds of stress from various elements. A formal examination can be one of the reasons for their study-related stress. However, some people believe that it is unnecessary for students to stand more stress from formal examinations. This essay will argue that formal examinations indeed place unnecessary stress on students at university. It will focus on unnecessary nervousness due to the formal requirements and the overburden because of the significant weighting of exams.
Normally the strict and large amount of requirements in examination room can create a tense atmosphere for examinees. Not only the layout of the examination room but also the constant monitoring from teachers contribute to some nervousness who has a poor psychological diathesis. Although a little nervousness can help examinees do their best during the exam, over-nervousness may present their mind from recalling and collecting the knowledge.
Consequently it is not necessary to be nervous under the external forms of the formal examinations such as put your belongs in the front of the classroom or emphasis the discipline in the examination place, which is only used to be caution for those who want to cheat in the exam. It is also well-known that the high weighting of examinations, which is significant for final exams, can lead to produce amount of students overburdened in their mind.
There are increasing numbers of forms of examinations in the university such as presentations, assignments, closed-book exams. The more formal this exam is, the larger proportion of the final success it occupied. Accordingly, students who have the high expectations want to achieve a perfect result, which can give rise to the social pressure in their study. However, the high weighting of the examination is just a reasonable standard for the knowledge and skills you have grasped.
If students work hard during the long study-term, it is not necessary to be high-pressured any more in the moment of the exam. In conclusion, there are both nervousness and mental burden owes to the apparent from of the exam as well as the high weight in the final exam is not necessary for students, which only can weaken the confidence and affect the performance in the exam. That is what should be treated seriously. Only the intensive daily study can alleviate the stress during the exam.

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