The Transformation of Jeff Henderson

Published: 2021-08-09 05:20:05
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The Transformation of Jeff Henderson In life, a “Fall” means that someone loses his position or becomes unsuccessful depending on economy, family discord, or crime. You cannot rise if you do not fall first. In the autobiography Cooked, Jeff Henderson undergoes his own “Fall” into the abyss of insanity and a redemption born from necessity. The rising/falling motif of the life lessons can be explained by narcissism, solipsism, denial and rationalization. Cooked by Jeff Henderson is a memoir of crime, redemption and a desire to make it big.
Jeff Henderson’s narcissism had grown little by little and the position of solipsism on his mind was higher and higher while he got money, even when he was a child. As a child, he could not satisfy his desire for food, buying fine clothes, and have enough money because of his economic circumstance. Through spending time with his brothers on the street, he began losing his moral compass. For example, he usually pinched twenty dollars from his mother when he had the opportunity. Jeff Henderson thought, “I’m going to get mine. ” After that, he thought he is better and smarter than he is.
His narcissism was increasing. So he did not pick up his amazing cooking skill at this point. Besides that, he had a moral denial when one of Jeff Henderson’s associates was trying to kidnap and kill him. As Professor McMahon stated, “Henderson rationalizes that he is a drug dealer but he does as, strictly as a businessman. ” (Break Through. Web) He justified that he had never used drugs and had never done any violence although he was caught by the Feds. He believed that he is different from others who dealt with drugs as well.
Then, He learned his cooking skills in prison, where he served time for cooking up a very different kind of substance—selling cocaine. After he got released his attitude to work hard brought him a transformation to be successful. Now, he is an executive chef in Bellagio. His jail period made him flourish and be successful. Works Cited Herculodge. ” Lesson #4: In the Crossfire: Welcome to the Third Eye. “Break Through Writer. October 05, 2011 < http://herculodge. typepad. com/breakthrough_writer/2011/10/lesson-4-in-the-crossfire. html>

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