The Quiet American

Published: 2021-06-29 08:15:05
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Graham Greene’s novel, The Quiet American, ended on a high note as Pyle’s life was sacrificed to save hundreds of Vietnamese innocents and Fowler and Phuong were reunited as a couple. Alden Pyle was presumed to be an innocent, young American, until the truth surfaced that he was working with General The and the third force. Pyle is a naive idealist, who is too blind to see that he is imposing his third party idea on a group that is only power hungry. He was sent by America to fix problems that they knew nothing about.
When a planted bomb explodes in the town square, killing many innocent bystanders, Pyle is unaffected and merely calls the dead bystanders “war casualties”. At the end of this novel, Fowler proves to have a conscience when he finally chooses sides in order to stop the terroristic killings of the third force. He is angered by Pyle’s reaction and makes the intelligent decision to have Pyle killed. He knows that with Pyle leading the third force, he will cause much more destruction to a country and its people that he has grown close to over the past few years.
Pyle’s inexperience and ignorant attempts to establish a Vietnamese national democracy caused much havoc through out Vietnam. This book shows the negative side of what usually happens when one country gets involved in another country’s war. Pyle’s death was a positive ending to this book, not only for the sake of Vietnam, but also for Fowler’s relationship with Phuong. Phuong faithfully returns to Fowler’s side after hearing of Pyle’s death. Phuong and Fowler are better off together than Phuong and Pyle.
Neither Phuong nor Fowler are looking for love, they each have their own agendas. Pyle, on the other hand, was madly in love with Phuong, who would never be able to grasp what true love really was. She was simply looking for security and protection. Pyle would have ended up marrying someone, who, quite possibly, did not love him in return. Pyle’s death was a happy ending to the book The Quiet American because he had caused nothing but chaos since he moved to Saigon, first by stealing Phuong from Fowler, and then by initiating a terroristic third party.

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