The Perfect Place to Relax

Published: 2021-09-02 10:30:09
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The perfect place to relax Everyone has their one special place that he or she can feel clam and relax. For someone, it could be a quiet place, such as bedroom or living room. For another one, it could be the hustling, full of people just like shopping mall. Everyone has a unique place to relax. As for me, bedroom is a place where I can feel more comfortable and relaxed in. When you come into my room, the first sight to catch your attention is a large French window in the right side.
It is almost ten feet wider which allow the sunlight to brighten every corner of the bedroom during daytime. Every weekend, I like to sit in front of the French window and read some books during sunset. Sometimes I just sit there and do nothing to enjoy the quiet moment. On the other side of the bedroom is a huge digital TV which set on a wooden table. I watch my favorite movie or listen to some relaxing music. I think the best way to relax is to have a cup of milk while watching TV before I go to bed.
It makes me to have a very good sleep. So I really enjoy the time that I spend in the bedroom. In the middle of the bedroom is my king-sized water bed. It is an amazing bed of comfort as you plop down on it.. It is the place where I take many naps and relaxing sleep in the night. Most of the time I lay on the bed to listen music or watch TV. In conclusion, my bedroom is my favorite place because I can get away from stress and completely relax myself especially after get off duty. Everyone needs a place to relax and where is your place?

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