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Published: 2021-06-27 02:25:04
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Growing up, people have different goals in their lives, and sometimes without knowing exactly what they are going to do, they simply want to be successful in the future. Success is a word that has different meanings for many people: some of them think success is the wealth, for some it is just making the world a better place. Success does not happen overnight as describes Malcolm Gladwell, the author of the book called, “Outliers: The Story of Success”. In most cases it takes a lot of practice.
Sometimes the past of a person or the place where he/she was born affects the future of that person. Referring to some facts from one of Gladwell’s chapters called: “The Three Lessons of Joe Flom”, it is also about the demographic luck and the industry which is prospering. In order to become successful it takes numerous of factors and steps to precede such a valuable goal. People who are looking forward to achieve a goal of success in their careers have to focus first on their education, how successful a work industry is and most importantly, on what they are good at doing.
As Malcolm Gladwell gives his readers some examples, he refers to a person named Joe Flom and describes the details of his career and how he had become successful in life. One of these examples explains how important true passion in life is, “I wanted to get into the law since I was six years old,” says Joe Flom, a person who has become a very successful and dedicated lawyer. Although, dreams do not come true by themselves and Joe Flom proved this fact with his
hard work at the Harvard Law School by becoming one of the brightest students there, “The high academic potential is the result of student response to opportunity as well as individual student effort to cultivate and master successful learning strategies” (Harsh 21). It is important to find passion in life and have a high potential in getting well educated in that particular sphere. Using this example we can compare other personas like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg; they were extremely passionate about what they were doing and the ways they approached things. It has led them to become brilliant.
Did they know they would become successful in the future? Probably not, but they slowly progressed to their successful careers by making a series of smart, creative decisions throughout their lives and applying knowledge they were given at their educational institutions. Nowadays it is highly unlikely to become an intelligent person without education, “Most researches in achievement goal theory have contended that researches and educators should focus on quality of involvement and a continuing to learning as consequences of different motivation patterns” (Sideridis 431).
The potential to study and work hard gives students the abilities to master their skills. Therefore, by dedicating themselves to quality time education and exploring the power of knowledge, people become better professionals for their future successful careers. This is what has shaped Joe Flom into one of the successful lawyers of Manhattan. Times change and interests of society change along with it. Different industries become more or less popular. As Gladwell describes the life of Joe Flom, he also focuses on the path that Joe has chosen, to become a lawyer.
It was definitely a success because lawyers’ services had been used as frequently back then, as they are now. Different communities are in need for workers who can make it a better place, “The Detroit riots and the turmoil in that community for months following the riots resulted in a need for more lawyers to represent individuals charged with crimes” (Scott). In this case a city of Detroit was in need of lawyers, therefore people in this career path could easily become successful by being useful at the right place and at the right time.
This shows that sometimes in order to chase success in something; a person needs to find a place where he/she is mostly being needed. That is when a person puts a lot of hours into work following more experience that brings the final result – success. Not only law careers, but other industries are very successful nowadays, the most important step is to choose the right one that fits personal interests of an individual. Skills and knowledge gained over the time of learning and an experience show how interested a person is in his/her profession is.
The more interested, the better he/she will get further along the way, “Both critical thinking (CT) and knowledge management (KM) skills are necessary elements for a university student’s success” (Yeh). Success approached at the university leads a person into a successful career path is a person continues with the same attitude by developing professional skills. Most importantly, the more excited a person is about what he does, the happier he/she becomes.
It is also an important factor in life, feeling satisfaction in career and everyday life. Many things also depend on where a person is from and his childhood life, as it affects people’s futures. Malcolm Gladwell talks about all the circumstances that make one the most successful lawyers successful: education, the past, nationality – all of this has makes huge impact on a person’s life. Growing up in poor families, people tend to be more passionate about being successful and making more money, helping out their families along the way.
Changing their lives from poverty to the opposite directions has made them different from people who were born in rich families, who already have everything they wish for, and don’t have the same thinking perspective about their futures and their potential success. The base starts early in the childhood, “It has been shown that a high level of support from parents is associated with socially valued characteristics, . . . academic success, an internal locus of control, advanced moral development, the exhibition of considerate and altruistic behaviors, and general
psychological adjustment” (Amato). Therefore, people also become successful depending on what kind of family background or childhood they had; the influence from parents and on the effort the person is making by growing up in real life. One of the other major factors of success is to determine what a person is good at doing. Some people love music, but they do not have a talent to proceed a music career, or simply do not put as many hours in it. Sometimes things just come to a person naturally, “By becoming active at an early age, you can put yourself in a position to learn and succeed” (Scott).
Gladwell also explains that the earlier a child starts to show interest in something and the earlier he/she starts putting effort into a particular task, “This study aims to address these gaps in the extant research by investigating how early math skills predict later school success” (Claessens), soon this child will become very good at it. This is why it is radically important to find that passion early in life, just like Joe Flom did when he wanted to work in the law industry since he was six years old.
People are the individuals that need to be satisfied by something and for some of them the biggest satisfaction in life is success, “Be Yourself… we believe that people perform better when being themselves” (Collier 68). A knowledgeable human can become magnificently successful by applying his personal background, education, certain interests and abilities into something that can change or innovate anything that is able to become better. Our world is waiting for more people like that.

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