The Open Window

Published: 2021-07-29 09:30:06
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This short story “THE OPEN WINDOW” is written by “SAKI” is the pen name of “Hector Hugh Munro” (1870-1916). He is a british writer. He is famous for his satires of the upper classes. The theme of the story is appearance and reality and deception. Appearance and reality: It is easy to believe the story of Vera because she begin with an object that is the open window and proceed from there and obviously window is open. So the appearance of open window becomes its reality. Deception: Vera obviously deceives Mr. Nuttel when she tells him a tale about her family.
She shows her innocent nature but it is actually slightly curel character. Mr. Frampton Nuttel suffers from a nervous condition and has come to the country in order to cure his nervous condition. His sister sets up some introduction of community members for him. He first visits to Mrs. Sappleton’s house where he meets fifteen year old Vera, Mrs. sappleton’s niece. Upon hearing that Nuttel has not met the Sappletons, Vera tells Mr. Nuttel that three years ago Mrs. Sappleton’s husband and her two young brothers went on a hunting trip and never returned.
Vera goes into detail about their cloths, the dog that accompanied them, and the song that Mrs. Sappleton’s brother sang upon their return. Vera says that my poor aunt is expecting their return through the open window. When Mrs. Sappleton enters, she tells him that she is expecting their return at any time. Nuttel think that she has gone crazy. Then suddenly she cried “here they are”, nuttel turns only to see the “dead hunters”, when he saw he becomes frightened and leave in a rush. Mrs. Sappleton doesn’t understand Nuttel’s strange behavior, but Vera replies that he is deathly afraid of dogs.
Writer used three literary devices; they are symbolism, irony, personification. Open window is itself a symbol, it symbolize the anguish and heartbreak of Mrs. Sappleton at the loss of her husband and young brothers. The phrase “a treacherous piece of bog” is the personification. The other literary device is irony. Nuttel came to find peace or cure for him instead of finding cure his condition got worse. There are three parts of setting which are the time i. e. early 20th century, place i. e. most of the plot is set in a room of Mrs.
Sappleton’s house and the society, in the story “the open window” describe the upper class of English society. There are three major characters in the story one is Mr. Nuttel , the niece Vera and Mrs. sappleton. The first major character is Mr. Framton Nuttel. Who is suffering from nervous condition, in order to cure his nervous condition he comes to the country. Where he first visit Mrs. Sappleton’s house along with the introduction letter to Mrs. Sappleton . While he was waiting for her appear, her niece Vera keeps him company and tells him a story that why the window is open in the room on an October afternoon.
He believes on her story that the window remains open in hope that Mrs. Sappleton’s husband and young brothers about whom niece said they are dead three years back, will one day return through this open window. When Mrs. Sappleton enters the room she asks him that her husband and brothers will be home at any time. Leter on , when he looks out the window and sees the figures approaching who match the descriptions of the long dead hunters in the niece’s story, he suffers a mental breakdown and flees the home.
The other major character is Vera a fifteen year old girl, who is the niece of Mrs. Sappleton. She is a teller of tales; her forte is “Romance at short notice”. She is a good actress. While Mr. Nuttel waits for her aunt she relates an elaborate story surrounding to a window in the room that has been left open. It is the story of her aunt’s husband and brothers who are dead three years ago. She tells Mr. Nuttel that the window is left open is the sign of her aunt’s hope that one day her husband and brothers will come back through this window.
She also provides a detail description of the men. After Mr. Nuttel flees upon seeing these men return, Vera tells her aunt and other members that he is deathly afraid of dogs. Saki refer to Vera as “self possessed” which literary means that she has self control and poise. In the context of this story it is clear that this is the quality that allows her to lie so well. The third major character is Mrs. Sappleton. She lives with her niece. She is kind, polite but quite obsorbed in her own concerns.
Although she is not very interested in her visitor but she tries to be kind to him. About her nuttel believe that she is a window keeping vigil for her departed husband and brothers who have disappeared during a hunting trip. In the end she becomes fool by her own niece Vera. The minor characters are Nuttel’s sister; she once spent time in same country where now nuttel come for relaxation. She has given him number of introduction letter. Other two are Mrs. Sappletons brother Ronnie, her husband Mr. Sappleton both are away during most of the story on a hunting expedition.

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