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Published: 2021-06-20 21:45:06
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An “imported” image it got accredited with the International Theme Park Inc. was the primary marketing point in the conceptualization of Enchanted Kingdom that complied with international safety standards, With AB social class as its target market to reach in line with their goals. It invested heavily on resources to make it meet international standards, rides were imported from abroad and crew are trained from Disney, USA. Initially, the admission price was at high end as it was catering to the high social classes in the country but after economic crisis it adopted marketing strategies that cater to other social classes.
III. Background Enchanted Kingdom is the pioneer theme park in the country, boasting seven fantastic theme zones, and imported rides and attractions. Enchanted Kingdom economic conditions prevailing in the late 1997 that the company deferred its expansion plans, facing problem like how to even out demand throughout the year? , how customers avoid spending too much time waiting for the major rides and how the park boost park attendance. IV. Review of Related Literature Enchanted Kingdom is the pioneer theme park in the country, boasting seven fantastic theme zones and imported rides and attractions.
It is located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines. It is 26 kilometers away from Makati, It is a proud member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. It also got accredited with the International Theme Park Inc. to ensure that it complied with international safety standards. Aside from its 21 rides and attractions, all of which were imported from the United States, Germany, and Japan, there were a variety of food outlets, specialty shops and video games centers. To ensure its safety standards all crew working in the theme park received “service” training from Disney, USA.
One of Enchanted Kingdom main problems was to level out the demand throughout the year. Marketing strategy was formulated and implemented during lean months to address the issue, but another challenges rose during those months. Another thing also was the insufficiency of their major attractions and rides. V. Statement of the Problems 1. How to even out demand throughout the year? 2. How people avoid spending too much time waiting for the major rides? 3. How to increase and level park attendance? VI. Statement of the Objectives
The general solution to even out demands throughout the year is reprice which allows customer to trade in their options that the company return for exchange of customers satisfaction, next problem is people spend too much time waiting for the major rides, the solution is reposition which is need for updates or changing the marketing of service to increase sales, and lastly how to increase level of park attendance, the solution is redesign for planning artistically and skillfully for the park and adding new rides for more attractions. VII. Scope and Limitation of the Case
In every business it will always includes problems but in this case I preferred to answer the operation problem in the answer of 4P’s of Marketing Mix (Product or service, Place, Price, Promotion) for product or service that EK offer, does the customer want from the product/service? What needs does it satisfy? Enchanted kingdom was fully committed to providing their customers excellence in the standard and quality of service and facilities. The employees were trained to please their guest and look after their safety and protection within the theme park premises ,for place does the location was strategically place?
Enchanted kingdom was 26 kilometers away from Makati and open for reservation in their accounts in social network for no longer access to go for booking, for the price does the value of your service good for your customers? It is stated that EK brings magic so in return of the money that you pay is a return of magic and satisfaction, for the promotion when is the best time to promote? Where and when you can get your target market? EK always open for promos and they are open in social networks for information and reservations. VIII. Alternative Courses of Action
Problem: How people avoid spending too much time waiting for the major rides? a. Timing – For smaller crowds, plan your trip off-season. To choose the best time to go. b. Be an Early bird- to avoid thin crowd c. Alternate Entrances- Be wise of choosing rides. TOWS Analysis Threats 1. Growing of shopping malls, movies houses and resorts, specifically Splash Island. 2. Weak demand. 3. Expansion in other places outside Manila. Opportunities 1. Further expansion 2. Class C (middle class) and D(lower middle class) can be targeted more to increase attendance 3.
Certain seasons help boost number of guests Weaknesses 1. High admission price 2. Long waiting time for a major ride. 3. Thin crowd during lean months is unable to compensate for the fixed cost 4. No new exciting rides for added attraction. Strengths 1. Seven fantastic theme zones 2. 21 rides and attractions imported from USA, Germany and Japan 3. Fireworks display every weekend 4. Crew members received training from Disney USA IX. Recommendations The Company can now make recommendations as to what Enchanted Kingdom must do and implement.
After the general problem which is how to even out demand throughout the year has been solved, then other sub-problems like people spending too much time waiting for the rides during peak season and boosting the park attendance during lean months would also be answered. Given this, the first recommendation of the group is that for Enchanted Kingdom to pursue their expansion plans. But what the group would recommend is that they expand in other places outside Manila. Enchanted Kingdom gain more profit and at the same time, they would be able to pursue this long-time plan without worrying much whether people can afford leisure spending or not.
Another recommendation would be that the company should spend a day wherein the members (membership cards) would celebrate together with the crew and staff of Enchanted Kingdom. This would be like a “Fun Day in EK” wherein all the regular customers who hold membership cards can have unlimited access to the rides and attractions offered. In this way, the company is building personal relationship to the customers and is aligning with its mission that is providing guests and crew unique experience of fun and enjoyment. X.
Conclusion Therefore I conclude that in this case study all business have facing different kinds of problem that may need an alternative solutions . Enchanted Kingdom long term success is about how they bring the magic for the customers. Critical success factors are core elements of a business that it views as most important to its long term success. And its part of strategic development and corporate planning, company often develop a list of factors that corresponds with their mission statement and primary objectives.

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