The Life of a Gangster

Published: 2021-08-31 16:05:12
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The life of a gangster living in the hood worrying about the getting caught up with police more than losing their life. The streets are a beast and death is around the corner, seeing drug sales to the dope fiends but that doesn’t really mean to much when your family starving. All you want to do is make a way and it seems that the only way is to keep it straight “G”. Growing up in a low income neighborhood nobody thinks that a little kid out the projects will make it, many don’t, feeling like there’s nobody that cares.
Some say that’s what turns a heart cold, kills the little kid soul from a young age. Some also say that many kids were doomed from birth, as in being raised in a household with gangbanging, drug dealing, and shoot outs. These kids seem to be the most common in modern days gangsters. Growing up a little boy lived on 5 Martin Luther King Dr. in Charleston South Carolina; he grew up in the midst of gangs, drug dealing, and shootouts. The little boy name was Michael Bright he was born on September 16, 1992, the day he was born his Father was gunned down in a bloody hail of gun fire.
After that day it was the beginning of the end for a child that had to be raised in the middle of a gang related violent confrontation, that lasted the over a decade after his birth. When Michael “lil Mike Bad Azz” Bright was 15 years old he was already a convicted felon, he hung with his older brother and the G’s (Gangsters) at this time lil Mike Bad Azz was a BG (Baby Gangster). They were part of the gang known a G-Shine changed by his older brother Killa Kam from GKB or Gangster Killer Bloods.
He put in so much effort to show his brother that he had what it took to be a “G”, he would go as far as shooting his gun at their enemies but he never actually hit anybody. The day that he went to jail the first time it was for procession of marijuana, you would have thought that he would have learned but this would be the first of many arrests dealing with lil Mike Bad Azz. His older brother Killa Kam tried to prevent lil Mike from having to go through this Gangster life style, Killa Kam was the only person that lil Mike would listen too.
On January 1, 2009, Killa Kam was on his way back to their house from hanging with some friends and they stopped at a red light and a van pulled up next to the car and unloaded a heavy arsenal of bullets from Assault Rifles. Killa Kam was brutally murdered on January 1, 2009 never made it to the house. When the news came back, lil Mike knew that the Crips had everything to do with this so he went even harder with his gangster ambitions. Lil Mike started selling Drugs that he bought from the Connect (Drug Lord) and 3 years later he was the Connect and started being referred to as Kilo Mike.
He was called that because the amount of work (drugs) that he had and was able to obtain from all of the hard work (doing crimes for higher rank in the gang) that he put in on the streets. It was almost like it was meant for him to be a “G”; he would go to jail on Friday and be out by Monday. He feared nobody but could you blame him? He lost his Father on the day he was born and he lost the only father figure he’s ever known in Killa Kam when he was only 16. Now he’s 19 and on a path of destruction, His crew is getting smaller he’s starting not to trust anybody.
Kilo Mike was always high, had so much of it he was always high off his on supply. Everybody started to seem like enemies to him, he was in a state of paranoia so bad that he slept with guns around him just in case somebody got through his security. It was so sad to see how the Gangster Ambitions took Kilo Mike from wanting to pursue this life style into wanting to run away from it. The contemplation of suicide ran heavy on his mind, but all he could see is his brother Killa Kam telling him to fight until it’s your time.
Kilo Mike was something like a Ghetto legend he started giving gifts, food on holidays and school supplies at the end of the summer to the kids in his neighborhood. He just knew if Killa Kam and even his father was alive they would both be proud of how he’s using his wealth and fortune to give back. But the streets grasp pulled him back in and he assassinated on September 16, 2016 at the young age of 24 in front of his house. The life he represented and wanted to prove that he was just like his Father and Brother, was the same life that took his.

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