The Kite Runner Parody

Published: 2021-10-01 00:20:14
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I slowly but surely stayed within close proximity of Hannah as she kept sprinting and sprinting toward the descending kite. The kite took a sharp corner and she followed right with it. As soon as she turned the corner, Ash and his two groupies were standing in the back alley. I wasn’t scared at all… no. I, Amy, am a very brave boy. But I just wanted to watch from afar.
As I watched from the distance, I witnessed Ash and his compadres change Hannah forever. They pushed her in the corner and forced her to…. eat broccoli.It was the worst thing I had ever seen in my life and I did nothing to help her. It not only changed my life, but Hannah’s life forever too. I could never forgive myself for this incident… or I could I? Later in 1975 to 1976ish… Hannah and I stopped talking. I just avoided her at all cost.
I kept trying to get Papa to kick them out of our house…but I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened to her in the alley. March 1981 We were split up forever. I never saw Hannah again. At the time, I thought it was the best time of my life. A new start and a new time to make new friends.But I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened to Hannah in the alley. California June 2001… or something like that.
I met a woman named Sam. We married, but couldn’t have children. Adoption wasn’t a choice, but what other choices were there? All I could think about was that darn alley situation… STILL. December 2001 “There’s a way to be good again” flew in and out of my head like a kite. Who was this anonymous person, and what did he mean by this? I think he meant there was a way to forgive myself for what happen to Hannah in the alley.I flew to Afghanistan, and somehow found out that Hannah had a child, and I wanted to adopt her. There were many obstacles to overcome to get her, including a confrontation to Ash.
Things were said, punches… were thrown, mostly at me. ( and NO, not because I’m feminine! ) But in the end, I forced HIM to eat broccoli, and I never heard from him again. I felt… good again. I was good again. For you, Hannah, a million times under. For you a thousand times under? For you a million times over? Oh! I know! it’s ‘For you a thousand times over. ’ …Yeah, that sounds right.

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