The Internet Has Caused More Harm Than Good

Published: 2021-10-01 02:50:11
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Internet is a good resource for finding information. Often, students are able to find their information from internet for their studies. As for the adults, they are also able to get information from the internet for their work.
Internet can also let some students to relax after studying for the whole week by playing some games online. Therefore, I think internet will do good to both the young and old. It is because for the young, like the kids, they can learn some information from those educational websites.They can learn beforehand and they will benefit from the internet. The teenagers wise will be able to find information from the internet whenever they are not sure of. They can also learn more things from the websites such as they can read newspapers online rather than having to buy the newspapers and they can save the trouble. They can go to the online dictionary to search for the words that they are unsure of, instead of having to look for the book.
It is because they will feel that it is troublesome and they would not feel like studying for it. The old, likewise, the adults will benefit too. It is because the adults can find work relative information from the internet and it can help them with a lot for work. The teachers can find valuable resources to teach their students so as their students will learn more information from the internet rather than just book information.However, internet can also cause harm, as the students will be affected with their studies if they are being attached to the internet rather than doing homework. The teachers will also have a hard time teaching them if they only think about their online games rather than studying. It is because this will cause them to slack on their studies and they will concentrate more in their games and not studies.
Hence, I think if they want to use the internet, personally I think that they should organize themselves as in when they should use the internet and when they should do their work given. Although it will cause harm to them but in general, as they plan themselves well they still can benefit from the internet by getting the extra information out of the classroom. In conclusion, I feel that the internet will do well to the students rather than harm as we can get valuable and additional information from the internet. Plan your day well to benefit from the internet.

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