The importance of encouraging children

Published: 2021-07-11 19:20:04
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1.Raised garden bed in the outside area with compost, spades and seeds with watering cans
2.CD for the children with a selection of musical activities, such as movement and action songs, action rhymes and story cds with books available to read along with the CD.
3.Story sacks, to enable the child to re-enact in their own way with props a story.
4.musical instruments, including drums, shakers, tambourines, xylophones, boomwhakers, triangles and recorders, to enable the children to express themselves
5.Paper, pens, paint, scissors and different texture papers, materials and other scrap items. Boxes to junk model.
6.Large cardboard boxes and tubes, enabling the children to use them in imaginary play as anything they want them to be, such as a bus, a boat, a plane etc. 7.ribbons and scarfs to allow the children to dance to music using the ribbons and scarf to express themselves.
8.Using the ICT equipment to use computer programs and games.
9.Baking and cooking and preparing fruit snacks, such as biscuits or fruit kebabs
10.Circle spots to use as stepping stones and create stories along the way.
3.3Explain the importance of encouraging carers to support children and young peoples’ creative activities
It is important for carers to support children and young people’s creative activities as it helps the child learn and develop in a different was from in the school setting. It is important that children are set boundaries, but are also free to explore and have unstructured time to be spontaneous and imaginative.
If the carer has an interest in cooking, or gardening drawing or painting, encourage the child to join in the interest to encourage their creative thinking. It helps both carer and child to explore different opportunities and will help to build self confidence and self esteem.
If the child sees that their parent/carer enjoys learning through an activity and is enjoying it, then they see it as a positive experience and it will help them to develop a positive attitude towards learning new things.
4.1Explain the importance of spending creative time with children and young people and the benefits that can result
It is important to spend creative time with children as it shows a child how you can work together as a team. It also produces many chances to talk about the activity and open ended questions can be asked by the adult to engage the child further and to extend the activity. By the adult spending quality time with the child a bond is formed and the learning experience is enjoyed more by the child having an adult engaging in an activity with them. Children are also able to ask questions and will further their development.

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