The Importance of Academic Honesty

Published: 2021-06-12 11:40:03
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Armed with their desire to finish their college education and get good grades in class, there are certain students who choose to cheat in order to get through the academic turmoil. There are students who feel that through this process, they can earn high points without necessarily going through the difficulty of making one’s own research as well as laboratory activities. While this may be true, academic dishonesty also has its disadvantages. Through cheating, the students are not actually fooling their mentors but themselves.
Students should realize that class activities are not required simply for the reason that teachers want their students to suffer. Class activities and home works are required in order to test the learning ability of the student and to give an avenue for the latter to improve his skills and enhance his knowledge. Without these tests and activities, learning will be tantamount to being spoon fed. Learning does not mean being served on a silver platter, instead, it means finding the courage to explore the wonderful world of education and using the knowledge gained in order to survive daily living.
Education is very important as this teaches one on how to act and react to certain situations. In addition, education familiarizes one with world events, history and the skills and tasks needed in order to become a significant part of the society.
Through good education, excellent physicians, lawyers, engineers, architects and teachers among others are produced. These professionals become the foundation of a healthy and progressive society. Without education, people suffer. No one will treat the sick, defend the defenseless, build roads, and create buildings. It is utterly difficult to survive in a society wherein there is barely enough to sustain oneself and needs. Education is needed in order for the world to function properly and to have peace and stability.
Through the introduction of the different fruits of technology, cheating has become so easy for many students. Among the fruits of technology which contributes to cheating are mobile phones and the internet. Through mobile phones, the students can easily exchange information concerning the answers to an exam or a quiz. They can keep these copies in their mobile phones so that they easily take a look at it when needed (Adkins, Kenkel and Lim).
With regard to the internet, there are so many sites which offer academic services and these include paper mills. Through paper mills, the students can easily order a custom made paper anytime of the day and specify the instructions that they need and the urgency for the paper. While many academic institutions consider this as a form of cheating, paper mill companies don’t consider it as such instead they perceive it as a form of extending academic help to a student who is having difficulty complying with school requirements. In addition, paper mills argue that this is not a form of cheating since they are only articulating the ideas of the student and are helping the students learn better since through informing them on how to write a good essay or research paper (Papers 24/7).
Whatever be the argument is, the process of ordering papers on line and having someone else do it is greatly frowned by all educational institutions and claim it as a form of dishonesty. In this regard, academic institutions now employ several mechanisms in order to detect academic dishonesty. The most popular of which is the Turnitin. Through this device, educational institutions are able to determine if a paper is plagiarism free or not (Adkins, Kenkel and Lim).
In addition to other modes of cheating through the internet is the use of “ringers”. Students employ the services of experts so that the latter will answer the exams questions for them. This is commonly and easily done since there are many students who have online courses. The detection of this form of dishonesty can easily be detected since this is online (Adkins, Kenkel and Lim).
While there are many ways to cheat unnoticed, students must remember that this act also has its dire consequences in the future. Academic degrees, grades and educational institutions graduated from serve as gauge marks for employers. They serve as signs of the students’ capability and skills. If a student has unduly earned these credits, it would be very difficult for him to meet the expectations that are attached with it (Adkins, Kenkel and Lim).
He will have a hard time proving himself and his worthiness to such credit; worse, he might need to re-learn all the things that he should have adequately learned in school. It is entirely difficult and humiliating to be proven that you are not entitled to the title that you carry. In addition, this also causes undue harm to the educational institution which the student graduated and earned his degree. It will undermine the level of education that they provide to students.

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