The History of Fashion Buyer

Published: 2021-06-23 10:50:04
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Fashion buyer existed since 1940s. Thee first time fashion buyer exist was called traveling salesman. Fashion buyer existed because of there’s something different between design and manufacturing. The existed of fashion buyer because of apparel industry. Apparel industry was born because of the development of mass production.
Mass Manufactured and Apparel Industry history
Before the American Civil War, most clothing was made by tailors or by individuals or their family members at home. The American Civil war influence the development of men’s ready-made clothing. In the beginning of the Civil War, most uniforms were custom made on workers home.
As the war continued, manufacturers started to build factories that could quick and efficiently meet the growing demands of the military. Mass production of uniforms necessitated the development of standard sizes. After the war, these military measurement were used to create the first commercial sizing for men.
The mass production of women’s clothing developed more slowly. Women’s outfits generally continued to be custom made well into 1920s. Later, some factors such as the development of industrial production technique, the rise of advertising industry, the growth of an urban professional class and the development of national market accessed through chain stores and mail order catalogs, contributed to the success of the women’s ready made clothing.
During 1920s, simple clothing silhouettes, less expensive man-made fabric and zipper became the trends of the world. In 1930s, the new mass-production methods in factories, using specialized sewing machine, overlockers and power-driven cutting. In the 1960s, couture houses began to launch their own ready-to-wear lines offering mass-produced clothes in set sizes with a designer label. By the 1975, the real apparel industry was born.
Chronology of Fashion Buyer
In the 19th century, the dressmaker went to consumer home and worked closely, with the consumer making all decisions. From 1900s, traveling salesmen took place of dressmakers going to consumer home. From 1940s, retail stores become to flourish with their own salesmen to consumers and traveling salesmen from the apparel manufacturers. e manufacturers had tailors, production managers, style specialities and designer.
From 1970s, traveling salesmen called as buyers.
So I conclude that apparel industry is the reason why fashion buyer existed. Without mass production, manufactured maybe will not built factory to produce clothes for cheaper, more quickly and efficiency. And without apparel industry, the jobs between designer and manufactured will not be separate.

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