The Greatest Leaders of Today and Yesterday are Both Born & Made

Published: 2021-06-28 07:20:04
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A leader is someone who guides and inspires others in a way which brings out the potential lying dormant inside of them. To inspire, one must stir emotions, drive and intellect in others to motivate them to act on your vision (Pace, 2006) Great leaders are born with certain characteristics, which give them an advantage over others; however, they are not born a great leader. Such an individual utilize and mature their born traits, over time as they experience life’s challenges. These experiences yield knowledge and this knowledge is used to guide and improve the lives of others.
Great leaders not only reflect on what they have learned for themselves, but also they are eager to learn and impart new ideas and information into others. Therefore, great leaders are not born; they develop knowledge and wisdom through experience. Leaders are both born and made. People are born with certain qualities and characteristics which help them to be more geared toward leadership. Such features as confidence, drove, empathy, ambition, determination all improves person’s ability to lead. Many strong leaders are very sociable individuals, and they are very curious also.
Nevertheless, there is much to improve in order to become a great leader in the business arena or any other arena (Financial Management, 2001). Some individuals can easily understand and retain information, which can be a trait in which they are born with; however, without the reality of life’s experiences, born traits have no conduit to flourish (PR, N, 2012) even though they give the person an advantage over others. Now, there is an understanding, in addition to born features, experience plays an enormous role in the development of a strong leader.
According to study, leaders who have born features which enhance their abilities are better thinkers due to their determination to seek experiences which will help them develop in particular areas (PR, N, 2012). These life experiences must be both subjective and measurable and repetitive over time in order to develop superior qualities within a person (PR, N, 2012). This study also stated “to be the most effective, leaders must be exposed to experiences that allow them to progress through increasing levels of involvement (PR, N, 2012). ”
Developing a strong leader is a long term process in which the individual’s information is perfected day by day with life’s interactions; therefore, leadership abilities are developed and retained (Gilmore, 2006). Life events are not always beneficial, but they all should be educational. Great leaders take their mistakes, learn from them and continue on their journey. By reflecting on these circumstances and gathering feedback from others, information and wisdom arises giving the person the ability to become a more effective leader (Gilmore, 2012).
The most effective part of becoming a strong leader is the process of development. Leaders must abandon all self-imposed restrictions and redefine themselves as new experiences unfold (Gilmore, 2012). When a leader has a clear view of his/her identity, they will have the capability of inspiring others on their journey. This talent comes from minute changes in one’s self-image daily instead of trying to change all things at once. The ability to influence others shows a leader with the ability to make a positive impact within a company (Gilmore, 2012).
Therefore, effective leaders continuously adjust their behaviors to the experiences and new information they encounter. Leaders motivate, manage and make decision which make their teams meet all goals effectively and efficiently (Pace, 2006). Therefore, strong, effective, exceptional leaders are born and made. These leaders are born with specific qualifications giving them an advantage over others; however, those born features must be developed through life experiences, which make them the great leader of yesterday, today and the future.

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