The Federal Bureaucracy

Published: 2021-08-11 09:00:06
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All of the following statements correctly describe the typical independent agency except (b) Its head is appointed by independent commission 5. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are (e) Respectively, an agency… 6. Federal regulatory agencies have responsibility primarily in the area of (a) Economic policy 7. Regulatory agencies have a(n) (a) executive, legislative, and judicial 8. Most federal employees are hired on the basis of (a) Merit criteria 9.
Federal civil service employees cannot legally (b) Go on strike 10. Policy implementation refers to the bureaucratic function of (a) Carrying out decisions made by Congress, presidents, and courts 11. The functions of the bureaucratic agencies include all of the following except (d) confirmation of those nominated by the president to head agencies 12. As distinct from the patronage and executive leadership system, the merit system for managing the bureaucracy (c) provides for a neutral administration in the sense that civil servants are not partisan appointees, thus ensuring evenhanded work. 3. When it was developed during the Jackson administration, the patronage system was designed to (b) make the admin more responsive to ordinary citizens 14. In response to economic demands that were a result of rapid industrialization, Congress in the late 1800s began to ? 15. During the New Deal, the federal bureaucracy Increased sharply in size 16. The administrative concept of neutral competence holds that the bureaucracy should (a) be staffed by people chosen on the basis… 17. Bureaucrats tend to follow (c) their own agency’s pov 18.
The chief goal of the executive leadership system is (b) improved coordination… 19. The federal bureaucracy today is (d) a mix of patronage, merit… 20. About 60 percent of top positions in the federal bureaucracy are held by (b) white males 21. Bureaucrats are ________ and elected officials are ________. (c) specialists; generalists 22. The special interests that benefit directly from a bureaucratic agency’s programs are called (a) clientele group 23. The assassination of President ________ did much to end the spoils system of distributing government jobs. b) James Garfield 24. A president’s proposal to reorganize a part of the bureaucracy can encounter opposition from ? opposed by agencies not wanting to be submerged within a broader bureaucratic unit. 25. It can be said of regulatory commissions that (b) the commissioners pursue… 26. In terms of holding the bureaucracy accountable, the most important unit within the Executive Office of the President is the (b) Office of Management and Budget 27. Congress generally (c) sets broad policy… 28. Legally, the bureaucracy derives the general authority for its programs from a) Acts of Congress 29. In 2004, ________ accused President George W. Bush of downplaying the terrorist threat and being preoccupied with Iraq in the period leading up to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Bob Herbert? 30. ________ was created in 2002. (e) Dept of Homeland Security 31. In the future, bureaucratic accountability is likely to increase in importance because policy issues will grow ever more complex and therefore government will become even more dependent on the bureaucracy. become a contentious issue in public opinion polls. 32.
The cabinet department with the largest number of full-time civilian employees is the Department of (b) Defense 33. Regarding the educational background of bureaucrats, high ranking civil servants in continental Europe, compared to American bureaucrats, tend to have a college major specializing in law 34. The courts have tended to support administrators so long as their agencies (b) can apply a reasonable interpretation… 35. A longstanding question about the bureaucracy involves the issue of (e) all answers; responsiveness fairness creativity accountability 36.
The Department of ________ was founded in 1979. (e) Agriculture 37. The number of employees in the federal bureaucracy is about ________. (b) 2. 5 million 38. According to the Federal Performance Project, the ________ is one of the top-rated agencies in the federal government. Social Security 39. The chief way that administrative agencies exercise real power is through (a) rule making or deciding… 40. The importance of clientele groups was especially clear in 1995 when House Speaker Newt Gingrich threatened to zero out funding for the (b) Corporation for Public Broadcasting

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